Ben Simmons' Injury Calls for More Consistency From Joel Embiid

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More bad news regarding Ben Simmons yesterday. He reportedly has a nerve impingement in his lower back. As a result he's expected to now be sidelined for an extended period of time. He will be reevaluated. In two weeks there is little expectation. Though that he'll be close to return at that point. Nick is the sixers season basically in jeopardy or is now this embiid. It's time to go out there and own it and shine. Yes and yes yes. They're seasons in jeopardy. Their season jeopardy basically evidently since the season started when they did not take a leap forward and step instead they took a step or a step and a half backwards but yes also this is Joel. Embiid opportunity to show everyone. We can be better without Ben Simmons. Mb Better with a point guard or with a collection of players in return for Ben Simmons that better fit my very unique skill set in the modern NBA. That Simmons and embiid have been an awkward fit from the beginning because of Simmons refusal to shoot and because embiid even though he will take some three pointers is maybe our last remaining old school. Nba Center back to the basket. Give me the ball. I'M GONNA punish you on the post and so the fit has just been awkward. And we've seen that. Both guys have at times played their best basketball games. The other guy has missed playoffs last year. Maybe best game whose career was a game. Joel embiid was out. Joel embiid the highest scoring game of his career. Literally was the other night when Ben Simmons was out and so I think Antoine. With or without Simmons. This is not a championship level team. They have not played to that level anywhere close with through fifty five games while the bucks clearly have but it is an opportunity for Joel. Embiid to give the sixers. Maybe a sneak preview of what the team would look like if this offseason. They were to see what Ben Simmons could fetch on the open market. I believe that. Obviously they're not. They're not a team that can win win with either one of those guys together or without them. They're not going to be able to win. And these two conference. I think the fourth best team in the East I think obviously Milwaukee's better than the Celtics. Antonio I think all three of those teams better than them even when phillies whole Right now this is going to be opportunity. L. andbranch legitimate shot to really get take a really good sample size of what they all. Look like if Ben Simmons then play and I would look at it. I will take that approach. Because that's been the compensation that maybe these guys cannot 'cause this together so I will take a look at that and see if embiid could be the guy that you can build around and see if you can win with him that fourteen game five hundred. Just settling scores still out there. Tobias Harris a guy you pay big into free agency. You still have him. Obviously Josh Switches on team you made a great trade thought an ad and scorns the team without its birth and then Robinson added to other guys. That can score the basketball. So they're not they're not out of they're gonNA make the playoffs. They should be able to win a first round series without Ben Simmons Back Andrew. I take that very serious. I think this is something that you cannot rush rush back. This is a guy a franchise type player. So you don't want to rush him back just for this season so you gotta make sure he's healthy. But I do not believe when even with both of those guys that are fourth best team in the East and you got to be very cautious to bring a same as back a- and at times it's unfair we've said on this show before the single best in life in the NBA. Is the the non superstar on the Max contract because you get all the money with none of the pressure none of the criticism? We talk so much about Simmons and embiid. Tobias Harris has not played nearly up to the standards. They paid him to play at an Al Horford. That that move right now is one. They would like back the money they gave. Horford in the fit. But those guys are I. Don't WANNA say untradable with those guys are going to be on the team next season. So you do want to see what those two guys can look like with. Embiid there without Simmons but the the numbers are are jarring. As far as way win the sixers are at their best with with embiid without some between show him. I think within bead without Simmons with Simmons without embiid with both of them with neither so that's their margin that's their net rating with just embiid. That is a that is a great team as far as net rating with just Simmons. That's a good team with both of them. That's an average team and obviously with neither of them. It's a terrible team. You don't WanNa see the numbers like that that somehow they are the worst with both of them then with just one of the two it does speak to potentially a bigger problem also to add to that. I just think when you're to superstars in both of those guys are stars last year. Yep they didn't get better You know you gotTa You. GotTa sometimes you look in the mirror. Ben Simmons to shoot a jump shot. That's embarrassing you know. You had to add a jump shot you smith all summer. You got everybody filming. You shoot. Jump shots you only want to shoot. Won The game so let me ask you this then. There have been so many stops along the way where we're Ben. Simmons could have been like. Oh okay reality check or now. It's time for me to now. It's an off season. It's time for me to get better. I've gotten myself so far if Joel embiid goes out and carries this team and I know that the record coming up or their schedules schedule is going to be a little bit easy but say they go out and be great without Ben Simmons. Could that be a wakeup call? Could that be a a little bit of a gut check like listen? I got I got to step my game up if this is not where my future is looking at. This has been. The talk is the conversation L. Brent. They may have the sits may have no they don't trade it and neither one of them but I think if you WanNa trae one of them you get a good look at. I think it's just a fact you get an opportunity to look at it. Take a real good sample size and see what you like. If you WANNA take one or the other I will keep both of them. I will just hold both of them accountable. I think you have to have real talks with them and say if you WANNA get on to the next level. We got to continue to improve. That's everything when be continue working on his body getting better law he what. He's good and where he could be effective at his game. Ben Simmons has to develop some type of jump shot or at least attempt some type of Johnson for him to continue to get better so he can expand his game. You gotta put that pressure on them and these guys have been making all star teams. These guys are supposed to be getting you over the Hump and getting you back to the finals. And they're not making the right adjustments in their game. So it'd be interesting to see what what Philly does. But what's so odd is their first year together. They were a dynamic. On-court pair that the net rating that. I just showed when they're together is point. Nine less than one point was fifteen and a half plus fifteen half their first year together. The year they ended the regular season on that crazy. Winning streak seemed like a really dangerous team going into the postseason until I think it was the celtics knocked him out in the CA- yeah it was the Celtics in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs last year together. They were not as good as plus half but plus eight when they're on the court together this year to be plus one inch or two best players it makes no sense. Ginny. You say the reality check. Promise reality if you've been similar like well first year in the league. I'm the best rookie. My second year in the League I I make an all star team. Then I get a Max contract thirty in league all star again. I'm making Max money. Seems like what I'm doing is working here so it depends on what your what your ultimate goal is and what you measure success by. I think been someone who would sell. You Failed Never

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