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Let's do a review of a couple of plants. Ellen what plant would you like our listeners to know about the plant that I am currently in love with is a particular cultivar of August dash called glowing embers and I was given a small pot of this plant? Try by the people at High Country Gardens whom I love and admire and I thought oh well this is pretty because the flowers are a a wonderful combination of sort of a deep corley orange pink with a little flush of purple in it. And it's just gorgeous. The foliage is a lovely gray. Green leaves are linear and thin. And I thought okay. This'll be pretty little. Did I know that it was also going to be a tremendous humming bird attractor and a wonderfully tasty mint in the garden? So for someone like me who wants to grow things that are both beautiful and edible turned out to be a real winner. I have since ordered three more plants. They grow to be about two or three feet tall. They they get quite wide and the flowers are prolific. It is gorgeous the hummingbirds like it better than they like the hummingbird feeder and you can cut and dry this at the end of the season in both the leaves and the flowers make a wonderful mint tea. That's just a little bit of a hint of liquorice in which you can drink as a plain T. or turn into a syrup and really up the game on your Mojo's it makes a great Mojo. Let me give a quick hint to some people who might have grown some Agosta keys in northern climates in the past For success with these plants. What I have found is first of all plant them in well drained areas. They don't like their feet wet in the winter in particular. Plant them in full Sun. They love he'd they love to be near rocks. If you've gotTA rockwall that absorbs heat. They would love that and don't cut them down in the fall. Wait until spring to cut them down. They seemed to go through the winter. Better if you haven't chopped and back in the fall well that's very interesting because I cut mine down in the fall and have for the past two years and they seem to have come back fine but in Pennsylvania or in Santa Fe in Santa Fe and here all I have is heat. Well drained soil and rock. So they're pretty much in their ideal growing conditions. Yeah see that's what I'm saying. You have the perfect growing conditions for all of the stack really and we certainly can grow them in more northern areas. But if you live in the upper midwest or the northeast don't cut it down in the winter you'll have a much greater likelihood of survival through the winter with that method. Well the plant. I want to review today. Ellen is a vegetable what a surprise. I know what a surprise. It's actually a turnip and I have two qualified this by saying two things first of all. I'm not a huge turnip fan. You know. It's not priority one for me for growing in the garden or at least it hasn't been in the past it might be now So because turnips you know often tend to be a little strong flavored. You have to use them in the right recipe and that's fine and they're good in you know roasted or in soups or whatever. But on the other hand. It's not something that I've ever rushed to take up garden space with well. This fall the burpee seed company. They did a brilliant piece of marketing. I thought because they didn't just send me a little packet of seeds with promotional material. Telling me how great this is. You know we read great reviews plants all the time but without trying it yourself. You don't know they sent me to turn up selling so you can actually see them very simard the carton turnips and they were about the size of a tennis ball. So not too huge like that. Because I don't want to necessarily commit to dinner for ten if I'm cooking. One of those huge tournaments right so I love the size there. A beautiful with just a blush of purple on the top. And the name of this. Turn-up is Silky. Sweep and I know they named that because it is smooth and silky it is sweet it is not overly turn up but it has enough of the Turnip Flavour. That you know. You're not eating an apple or you're not just eating. You know some sort of random vegetable. It is a turn up but it is sweet. It is delicious I cooked it and loved it in a in with other vegetables and some tomato sauce and eight one of them fresh just chopped up in a salad and it was delightful so I am definitely devoting garden space this year to the Silky. Sweet turn up from burpee seeds

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