Chicago Bulls Head Coach Jim Boylen Is “Not Worried” About Team’s Win-Loss Record


Next real covers the NBA for ESPN also featured on the jump on ESPN television he joins Brian Hanley age Jonathan hood on captain company right here on ESPN one thousand Nick earlier Brian and I were talking about developing verses wins and losses in the pregame yesterday for Jim Boylan he was talking about how his won loss record is something that doesn't concern him he's not worried about wins and losses from his standpoint but then of course there is that development pieces well because you do have young parts on this team and the over arching story about the bulls and to be in the season is that their goal was to playoffs so when you're the teams like the bulls although Charlotte in there the pistons sacramental and maybe Phoenix at this point as well what's more important for the bulls at this point some of the other teams that are not in the playoffs yet development or wins and losses thirty it's always wins and losses and like so many others I read that quote last night that I should buy it and I I I do this is part of the issue and this is going to parties you for your help fight with when Jim speaks and he says stuff I just cannot believe it used to be the public face of basketball and the NBA level it's it's starting in it not only are the bowls are waiting they're they're not developing guide you know call me white got a few guys games in a row okay that's great well Larry marketing was supposed to take that step he is regressed badly active improved a little bit but you know what what is I think this is kind of the best those of what he's going to be and then after that on that team who's gotten better loosen through so it's always gonna be wins and losses when you hear the quotes like you made last night the twenty twenty said they'll talk about shot profile we're was believe we're third in the league in shot profile well you know I can't are you gonna be the rally for that one when they given the the trophy for shopping he said to just mention what what would Donald Porter do once he gets S. R. profile I I mean I laughed a lot what do you want to show you someone here Brian does the quotes you hear from coaches who are getting the job done that's the kind of excuse making thank you heard it from Fred Hoiberg in years past you're all good at the state it's a whole lot of speed all the

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