The Zodiac Killer Pt. 2

Serial Killers


The Zodiac killer contacted the California press for the first time in letters to three bay area papers. He claimed he'd already murdered three people and threatened to kill more. He also included a bizarre coded message which he demanded the papers publish. The papers did with Zodiac asked and a little more than a week later. The cipher was cracked by a couple from Salinas. They revealed a chilling taunting message from the Zodiac. About how much he loved to kill at the time. The term serial killer was not widely understood but it was nonetheless clear that the Zodiac was unique and dangerous kind of criminal. He craved publicity and infamy and he would go to any lengths to get it. It was a frightening proposition but knowing the Zodiacs hunger for fame also gave authorities some valuable insight into the killer's mind. Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode please note. Vanessa is not licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but she has done a lot of research for this show thanks Greg. Many people yearn for fame though not everyone actively seeks it. According to Dr Robert Fuller former president of Oberlin College. This is because power is unevenly distributed in society between. Somebody's and nobody's he writes. Nobody's are marginalized to the point of invisibility. Since humans are social creatures. Banishment carries a threat of being deprived of social and material resources critical to health and happiness and sometimes to survival itself. Fame promises an escape. This suggests that the Zodiac felt that becoming infamous would grant him power over others and would turn from a nobody to a somebody precisely the Zodiac. Was likely someone who felt marginalized in his everyday. Life seeking publicity and spreading. Panic might have made him feel more in control for a moment it looked like the Zodiac had gotten everything he desired his crimes. Were big news the talk of the nation but he was soon beaten that his own game on August eighth nineteen sixty nine the same day. His First Cypher was cracked his limelight was stolen by Charles Manson and his family after the brutal murder of five people including the pregnant actress. Sharon tate the Manson's were all the press. Could talk about. The celebrity of their victims granted the Manson family the edge over the Zodiac and this undoubtedly antagonized him to regain notoriety the Zodiac knew. He'd have to do something dramatic nearly two months later on September twenty seventh. He made his move that afternoon. Twenty Year Old Bryan Hartnell and twenty two year old. Cecelia shepard lay on a blanket by the shore of Lake Berry Sa. Brian and Cecilia had made the trip on a whim. They had previously dated but weren't together at the time under the shade of a large oak tree. They enjoyed each other's company and spoke quietly together around six PM. Cecilia noticed some movement in the trees nearby. Brian dismissed her worries. He initially assumed that another lake. Goer was relieving themselves in the woods as they were no bathrooms in the vicinity but he was wrong. Cecilia gassed as a strange man. Holding a pistol approach them from a few hundred feet away. The gun wasn't the only thing frightening about him. He wore some kind of long black hood over his face which extended down past his shoulders. On the man's chest. The symbol of guns crosshairs had been drawn the same symbol the Zodiac used to sign his letters. Neither Brian NOR CECILIA. Recognize the simple and had no idea they were face to face with a serial killer even so the gun and the outfit were more than enough to terrify. Cecilia. At around two hundred pounds and six feet he cut intimidating figure almost like a medieval executioner. Brian wasn't quite as scared as Cecilia. When the man I approached he assumed the getup was just a disguise stolen from a costume shop. Both he and Cecilia watched paralyzed as the man. Got Within seventy five feet of them when he stopped moving. Cecilia asked him what he wanted. The Stranger told them he was there to rob them and warn them against doing anything rash. Brian and Cecilia approached the man and gave him what money they had. Brian only had seventy five cents. But the stranger didn't seem too concerned. It a measured cold voice. He told Brian every little bit help then. He was quiet for a moment. It looked like the hooded man was thinking about what to say next without any provocation. He explained that he was an escaped convict from Montana. He claimed to be on the run to Mexico. Miraculously Brian was still relatively calm about the situation. He felt sure the man was only looking for their money. He hoped he could diffuse the tension by showing some kindness to the would be assailant in offered to write the check for some more money somewhat thrown by. Brian's offer the Zodiac clumsily. Refused his help at first when pressed he finally said he wanted. Brian's car keys. Brian searched for his case. Not sure if wade let them as he searched the Zodiac grew impatient and visibly anxious brain began to believe. The man was bluffing and casually asked if his gun was really loaded. The Stranger promised his gun was loaded and claimed he'd killed before then. He ordered Cecilia to Tie Brian. Up tossing her some clothes line from his pocket while she complied. Brian tried to talk to the stranger. A little more but only received a couple of terse answers the Zodiac Ben tied Sealy as hands in ordered both of them to lay face down so he could find their legs. Brian couldn't help protesting. It was getting dark around the lake and the temperature was getting lower in his mind. The Stranger had already gotten everything he wanted and couldn't understand why his legs had to be tied up the Zodiac pressed the gun into Brian's back and ordered him down again this time. Brian Obeyed and he and Cecilia late on the ground next to each other. Brian grimaced as the man hog tied him. He tried to keep a brave face for Sicilia but he was completely baffled by the situation. The stranger seemed so nervous and so careful. He didn't sound like the hardened criminal he claimed to be and yet he hadn't let down his guard throughout the encounter once the Zodiac has victims tied up. Brian's words no longer seem to have much effect when Brian asked if he was nervous. The Zodiac laughed. Brian followed up again. Asking if the gun was really loaded. The Zodiac Likely Hoping to finally terrify. His victim took the magazine out of the gun to show Brian the bullets. Then he holstered the weapon. It turned out he really hadn't been planning to shoot them instead. He'd brought a knife. Brian and Cecilia watched in horror as the hooded man. Pulled out a foot long blade from a sheath on his hips then without another word he jammed the knife into Brian's back

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