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I'm Pam Coulter thanks to the coronavirus the treasury secretary says Americans now needed urgent infusion of cash CBS's Stephen Portnoy treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin says for some industries like the airlines this is worse than nine eleven so Mnuchin says the last Congress to approve the cutting of checks from the treasury a measure last employed at the peak of the Great Recession American state cash now and the president wants to get cash now and I mean now in the next two weeks Mnuchin didn't say how big he'd like the stimulus checks to be but Republican senator Mitt Romney has proposed one time one thousand dollar payments Steven Portnoy a CBS news Washington the White House is also asking Congress for an eight hundred fifty billion dollar package to help businesses and taxpayers it's been a tumultuous time on Wall Street but the Dow is hundreds of points higher today market analyst art Hogan can foresee your recovery it is our belief that markets are going to remain volatile until we have the explosion of new case discovery in the United States as we saw in both China and N. Korea cases started out slowly and then grew exponentially and then leveled off at some point in time without both of their markets and their economies recover after that peak in new case discovery that should happen over the course of the next month to a month and a half the Dow is up seven twenty six these are anxious times for elderly Americans who are at greater risk for the corona virus but CBS is Jim chrysalis says they're getting some help dollar general is dedicating the first hour of its daily store operations to senior citizens the rapidly growing discount retailer is strongly encouraging younger customers to let older customers get needed supplies and avoid busier and more crowded shopping times later in the day voters in three states are voting in primaries today I'm Peter king Orlando Ohio's primary is been postponed but Democrats are voting in Arizona Illinois and here in Florida well Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have been advertising heavily here but Biden is expected to win big thanks in part to the huge numbers of older voters Sanders is not well liked in Florida much of that due to his praise of Castro's Cuba Maryland voters will be voting later than expected governor Larry Hogan I am issuing a proclamation to postpone the April twenty eighth primary through June second I am directing the state board of elections to develop a comprehensive plan by April third to conduct the primary election in a way that protects public health book by pats quarterback Tom Brady is leaving the New England Patriots the only pro team he's ever known on social media he said his football journey will take place elsewhere right now the Dow is up five seventy nine nasdaq ahead three oh five.

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