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Have now surpassed two hundred


Surpassed two hundred thousand worldwide as the new corona virus continues to spread outside of China the original epicenter of the outbreak there are at least eight thousand deaths worldwide with one hundred fourteen in the U. S. the data was collected by Johns Hopkins University number of New York City police officers are out sick with possible corona virus in lower Manhattan got Pringle reports a spokesperson tells the New York Post an officer has tested positive for chronic virus from the first precinct and dozens of officers from bad precincts are now out sick including seventeen or flu like symptoms and are being monitored officers from the first precinct in lower Manhattan are reportedly the ones assigned a security detail at city hall for mayor de Blasio his team have been giving daily coronavirus updates Scott Pringle NBC news radio New York New York City educators are going through several days of training for teaching students online after schools were shut down because a corona virus a system where teachers connect with students who are in their homes is expected to begin next week however there are some challenges with the number of homes especially in poor areas without the necessary technology one teacher tells the New York Post it's hard enough to keep their attention in class get alone in someone's kitchen most of Washington state small businesses are losing customers due to the pandemic social restrictions and economic fallout Amanda Valentine the head of main street alliance says the airline industry shouldn't be demanding a fifty billion dollar bailout when small businesses too much more for the economy and they need a bailout this big small businesses need a bailout much larger to keep people in our communities employees and connected to essential benefits that are going to be necessary during the pandemic a recent survey by fresh chock a Seattle based online platform for small businesses found that forty two percent

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Have now surpassed two hundred

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