Coronavirus Special Episode with Dr. Peter Hotez


I'm Peter says than I believe that. All of the world's population including the world's poorest people deserve the right access zoo essential medicines vaccines innovation. Sorry not sorry I just from a medical perspective. What makes this virus so different than some of the other viruses that circulate? Why is it so deadly? Well this is one of the interesting things about this corona virus. It's not the most lethal virus we've ever seen by a long shot right. It's nothing like Ebola. Kills Half of untreated people. Nor is it like needs those in terms of transmissibility that must transmissible be no but it's high enough both categories to give it this unique spin that we haven't seen from a lot of other viruses. Let me explain a little bit. So the virus itself overall is between five and twenty times more lethal than seasonal influenza. Which itself is a bad actor. And it's quite transmissible at two or three times more transmissible than flus. You've got something that's not quite as serious as the nineteen eighteen flu pandemic but it's starting to approach that but it only happens for certain age category so this is really interesting. It's highly contagious. And but there's a lot of people walking around with a that are not too sick to stay at home so they could spread it in the community. Let me contrast that was something else so if you look at the original SARS virus this new virus. You're calling it. Sars to the original one which came out in two thousand three. Was You know five or six times more deadly and more serious illness for everybody? So what happened was if you had that original SARS one virus in two thousand three. It's not like you were walking around going to target going to the shopping mall. You are sick. Any were better. You're in the hospital and that kind of kept you out of the community pretty quickly. This one is different than last year. One of those at risk groups and I'll tell you which those at risk groups are. You're walking around spreading the virus pretty widely in. That's why this thing has taken off so much in central China and in northern Italy and then in the US doing this as well but if you're lucky enough to belong to one of the three or four major at risk groups that's when you get very sick and half the go to the hospital for those combination of reasons it makes it a very serious national epidemic and also. I mean you know I don't want to politicize this but the president is giving guidelines and recommendations that I don't know vary from interview to interview right. I mean it's like every single time. We hear him speak. He's talking about something else some other guideline that contradicts the guideline before. So how can individuals be expected to know the right thing to do when they're getting totally conflicting information from our leadership when needed to be done? What still needs to be done is and I've said this in public. Few Times is what you need to do in. This kind of situation is ever have very honest discussion with the American people. Were you say you know? You don't say this is just the flu or a cold or this is contained. What you do is say. Look this is a serious pathogen. These are the three or four things. I'm most worried about you. Talk about older Americans especially those with underlying disabilities. You explain why you talk about healthcare providers. Now we have to -mergency room physicians in critical care this weekend. According to the New York Times and so these are two or three big populations that were worried about. And here's what we're GONNA do about and why we're GONNA do what we're doing and historically the American people responded to that very well at. It's just when you model the message and say you know in in an effort to reassure that language was used which tried to oversimplify minimized. It actually wound up making things much worse. I said you know if you had actually gone through the three or four things that you're worried about. Here's what we're doing about it. I think that in itself would have been stabilising and we might not have seen this volatility for instance in the stock market and everything

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