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Sentiment. The website offers books magazines. Audio Books and sheet music for a monthly fee of ten dollars is now free at least for those of us who were staying at home due to the corona virus crisis in. That's all of us right. I'm Jefferson Graham. Let me fill you in. This is not a con scripted. Says you can get in for thirty days without showing a credit card in. That's outward for me. I sign on with facebook credentials and I was there instead of having to commit to that. Ten dollars monthly membership. Here's what the company says. Our goal is simply to ensure everyone has access to their favorite books authors and quality content as we settle into our new normal for the next few weeks. Well once I started picking out e books to read by Stephen King and other authors and I went straight to the sheet music to pick out the sting in Queens songbooks. I'm working on my rendition of. Don't stand too close to me now. Which has to be the theme song for Twenty? Twenty right script says it has the world's biggest digital library and I like what I see so far. Will I

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