Lamar reviews 'The Stranger'



Good friend of ours recommended the stranger and she was not wrong. The Stranger is based on a novel by Hauling Cohen. And it was originally set in New Jersey but Netflix chose to move to England because evidently British mysteries or a lot cooler than American mysteries. And I don't disagree but along with that. Coolness comes that British accent that makes everybody sound smarter and what they're saying seem more important. It has its own set of problems. I can't always understand what they're saying to characters home sentences that will make everything clear with a hugely dramatic consequence and cargoes wait. What did you say go? We wish? Stop and rewind which means instead of going back to riot before the two sentences we wind up twelve minutes earlier so they're not trying to fast forward back to where we were and zoo passed it and then we see some that we should have seen until we understood those two sentences and callers like what are you doing and I said I'm over here if you could do any better take the remote now. We're having a fight over this because it's it's nuts nuts and it happened at least three or four times in each episode. So now it's like I don't know the words they're using this need. I need less mumbling. Okay and so what? I should have done what I'm telling everybody else to do. If you have this problem it's turn on the closed caption it so you can see what these fools are talking about. It's at don't ever have this problem. One Lamar the TV show peaky blinders learned how to turn the clothes caption on A. I agree with what you're saying but right now there's some guy from England who's living in the United States saying are you telling me some guy from Georgia is criticizing how the English speak what they invented the language. At least it looks like they could speak it clearly. Mean no it's true. It's very and the toughest understand out of the all of the United Kingdom Areas is Scotland Scottish. Accent to me. I can't even understand what they're selling. Well I keep them I turn on the closed caption for peaky blinders and for outlander because when some of the side outlander characters dodger that. I'm pretty sure that Berta just said something critical to the plot. I have no idea what it was so I feel you Lamar. When Kelly was learning Japanese. She told me that she would. She would go to this place where the old Japanese men were talked to them. She said the hardest thing to understand is old because everybody they've been talking to each other for so long they just sort of say half the word and everybody's sort of picks up and I think this is what's happening here. I'm not getting the whole things I don't know anyway. Back to the story the series Stewart Richard Armitage and hit as Adam price season attorney has a wife and two boys. He's approached by this attractive young woman. The Stranger played by Hannah. Joe John Cameron and she tells him that his wife has a secret and she has been lying to him for the last two years she tells him or he can find the proof and now that he knows that she's a liar. He no longer has to stay with her so this she just leaves now. When he confronts his wife his wife says well. There's more to it and I'll tell you everything but not right this minute it while this is going on. A decapitated animal is discovered in the middle of the town. Along with that comes. Multiple visits from the stranger to other people naked bodies found in the woods. Really Bad Cup. I really good cup murder embezzlement blackmail infidelity and so many other things that have nothing to do with each other or do they have power. They connected snowden brings more questions but no answers. It's just definitely been show. You can't stop once you start there eight episodes. They're forty two minutes just rated TV may for language include the F word a lot edgier seat twist and turns with a lot of surprises and a lot of British monklands. It's you have no idea what's going on but overall it's a good series. My schoolwork is four solid budweiser. I enjoyed

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