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Good to Kunst the senior director of marketing and Business Development at creativity ink? Welcome Caitlyn thanks for being here they carry. I'm really excited to be here now. I did my research and I found out that you are a writer. A lover of opera and you speak multiple languages. So when did you first hear about Boys Technology? And why did it fascinate you to learn more? Gosh that's a good question. I actually have a funny story about one of the First Times. I realized that voice with here and it goes way back to when I was in a car. I had just come back from Spain where I was studying during college. And one of my friends had a garment and she put the language into Spanish because she wanted to continue speaking Spanish and so she kept asking the government to do things but I thought that she had given it sort of like a little old ladies finishing so I thought that she was talking to Carmen the whole time and then I finally was directed at the end of the trip that it was Gherman and this was a voice controlled navigation system and that the first time where I was like. Oh you can do that way back. Like what fifteen years but I think the real question here is trying to get to is Voice Technology as we know it today and so. That's been about two or three years since I started with creativity pretty much. I love that. Can you tell us briefly about what your company creativity ink does especially within the voice base? Yes absolutely creativity is design and Development. Studio that was actually founded about twenty one years ago. We've been around for some time. The studio was originally founded to help provide a great audio first cousin. Development for industries related to toys and entertainment. So we estimate that we've shipped over seven thousand products that we've designed and developed for companies like Hasbro and spin master towel and Entertainment Studios like Disney Nickelodeon and that can be anything from you. Know an animatronic dog that walks and responds to voice commands over to a dinosaur or you know mobile apps and help you control robots and all the way over to the voice. Apps that we're talking about today which we got into about three years ago as well. Yeah and the other day. I tested all of your voice skills that were listed on the website. I think there are about ten of them and I especially like the stranger things games skill and the Disney hits challenge and I like them because they use real voices which I knew recognize and they made me feel a part of the game and the way they interacted with the I think the conversational design was done very well. Can you talk about the process? Your company took in creating those skills and how they laid out from a user standpoint absolutely. They're both done at two different times. The Stranger things action with kicked off in two thousand seventeen so it was one of the. Oh Jeez they're coming out for both of them. We worked really closely with the brand upfront to understand what their goals were and kind of scope out what type of experience they were looking for and They have very different objectives for the netflix stranger. Things action were looking for ways that we can help deep in listeners. Understanding of season two of the show as it was coming out and give them some extra fun content to be able to interact with related. This show so we envisioned sort of an interactive story. Bat Has Trivia in it so that you could show everybody your deep knowledge of the show and One of the first questions ask you. What eleven favorite food was so I feel like I should pause but I don't think anyone's going to answer so I watched the show so I knew it was eggos. What was cool about the design of this piece? Which is interesting. I mean I saw that too. That was done in two thousand seventeen. So we're talking three years ago. There's been a big jump in voice usage so it's pretty impressive. What was done three years ago with this but what was cool was like it would at ask. One of the questions was like. What should I speed the Gordon thing or whatever and it gave you three options I could not remember what it aid but it responded to you in a really cool way. It didn't make you feel dumb and it didn't say try again like it acted in the way of the characters of the story to get you to the right answer and so I just think conversational standpoint. It was just done so well and in such a smart way. Yeah you bring up an interesting point so we've been working on audio. I products for young children. Most of the lifetime of the studio and we've learned a lot of best practices for design through designing these types of you know animatronic dogs and different types of pets. One thing we know is that young children. I have a low attention span if something's not engaging or if it's frustrating they're just gonNA walk away from the experience which is never the goal and the other point is that you know a lot of what we've worked on our non screen bees and even if they were screen they're for children who aren't yet literate. And so you have to understand that there are gonNA be challenges with the technology designed to those constraints and try to encourage them. So they're not gonNA walk experience and you know. We brought a lot of that best practices to this experience even clearly for adults or older children. If there are kids watching it so some of those cues that you notice and some of the scripting or things that we learned by working on toys for the Electric Company. That's interesting. Yeah and the other one. I said that I liked was the Disney hits challenge one and anyone listening you can go and use these on. Google assistant and the Disney one was cool too because it was like a trivia game and you had to guess which character was which song it wasn't so it's using it's pulling from Disney but then there was like a young girl that was kind of leading it but then it had the Alexa voice or Google assistant voice as narrator so. It's just kind of a very cool way that I had not seen it done before and again this was done a few years ago. Can you share any other insights as to what you learned in creating you know who is activated toys for kids over the years? Yeah related to that with the stranger things action. It was meant to be supportive a regular campaign and so when we scripted it and we worked with all four of the boys actually record it and he kind of locked into place. Conversely the Disney has challenged was meant to be part in supportive living and breathing catalogs. So it actually aligns reflects all the songs that are in the Disney playlist which you can access on spotify or Amazon music. For that reason. We had to be flexible with the content the ability to hand off between Texas beach. Way Starring Alexa voice to something that's fully scripted. Helps create dealing not. The characters are very vivid. And that you have a lot of fun interactive content that really reflects the brand but it also allows the flexibility to go in and re script. If for some reason the question in the afternoon a certain way or you have to update the song to reflect with the catalog who gives you a lot. More flexibility. A lot of the toys that we've worked on are also full audio experiences that we edited especially for that and they tend to take on more of a like a set products type of Experience where once you ship it you know you go straight to manufacturing and then you send it but increasingly even toys and other type of electronics are starting to reflect the fact that people expect the cons into personalized and they wanted to live and breathe. So I'm not sure if that reflects exactly what's happening in the toy stays because it tends to you know low cost electron ix some very margin challenged. But we're starting to see that you know cantor our future consumers even if they are current consumers and so the knowledge that they're living with devices that adoption them should be informing the way we think about design for all ages moving forward. Yes I think that's a really important point and you touched on something else that I wanted to ask about a man. I noticed it with some of the skills you had some of them. Were like a one time use I pacific events. So the GRAMMYS had American idol. Had One and then of course you have others on our for continuous thing like the Disney challenged what value does having something be a skill as a one time thing versus at having be something people come back to like. What's the difference between.

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