Trump, Israel and Cbs discussed on TV Confidential


The president trump's decision to move the us embassy to jerusalem is the right thing to do despite pushback intention in the middle east covering pylons how it up on republican or democrat has all stabbed that jerusalem the capital of israel and handle should below low price at trump's they only want to have the courage to actually do that early was on cbs's face the nation a un envoy just back from north korea's expected to brief the security council this week reporter dunkirk is in seoul jeffrey belt but un under secretary general in three days of talks in pyongyang says he told north korea's foreign minister were young though time is of the essence were opening channels to reduce the risk meaning the nor should agree to talks on its nuclear and missile program north korea said felt winds visit had created trust but accused the us some nuclear threats the nobel peace prize was awarded today to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons accepting a president beatrice the only rational course of action is to cease living under the conditions were on mutual destruction it's only one impulsive tantrum away then says the story of nuclear weapons will have an and question is she said well the end be the end of weapons for the end of us this is cbs neighbors once the.

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