Shenzhen shows the world how it’s done, electrifies all public transit with massive fleet of 16,000+ electric buses



It it it it breathtaking is something that every prophecy book every biannual in annual prophecy book i have to at least have one china chapter uh it it china century has begun but it's it's a century of soft power not of superpower um there is not only has have most of us in the west than looking the other way when china literally transformed itself in a level of construction and transformation that has not been seen in human civilization um um mainly first twenty first couple of decades of this uh of the century chinese will wreck thing five hundred major skyscrapers across their cities a year they created a in a interstate freeway system in 10 years when will took us forty years to make the same uh mileage of road and bridges and all that they are now moving out and making a huge network uh the the new silk road which will connect all of your asia into europe is also there were there helping india and india's helping them build ports an an access white routes to china the chinese understand what the west forgot even though certain thinkers of the turn of the last century made them aware of it it's called the the great the great continent if you look at the map at europe and asia and even africa if you mind if you don't mind the fact that suez canal is just got about 40 feet of water running over what was the the isthmus that connected africa also to your asia.

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