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Information he has been the face of shin vein for decades now gerry adams says he is ready to leave the helm of northern ireland's second largest party was 19th seventy two when the ira requested the release of a young prisoner to attempts secret talks in london his name was gerry adams he denies being a member of the terror group sky news reporter david blevins' in dublin adams is sixty nine years old and emergency meeting in zimbabwe to decide the political future the country's longtime president robert mugabe the president has been under house arrest since the minute recedes control of the country loss wednesday he said to be reluctant to go and his negotiating the terms of his departure it's unclear what the future holds for zimbabwe off the he leads mr mugabe is ninety three years old and has been in power since 1980 fox's kitty logan yesterday thousands of people took to the streets demanding that mugabe stepped down olympicsize dreams in nigeria where the country's women's bobsled team is gearing up for some ice cold competition which let her remarkable roaming the true story movie about the bucks were from tropical jamaica who qualified for the winter olympic games three decades ago this time three young dr jury of women all born in the us or growing where no african has ever been before to compete on a bobsled in those chile's snow of south korea cnn abby cohen only built a first sled in a texas carriage just three years ago a gun pointed out it's currently around 95 faranheit to nigeria but at the olympics they will be sliding down ice at up to ninety miles an hour in johannesburg poto's lee fox news.

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