Hopes fade as shutdown clock ticks down


We wendy government shutdown that started last night from white house legislative affairs director mark short there's a bill that passed the house the president said he would sign to give us four weeks to continue the daca negotiations we've now agreed to reduce that to three weeks we think that that is a concession are art leader mcconnell is offered that i hope that democrats come to their senses of support that give government opened senate democratic leader chuck schumer says the president and republican leaders in congress are like abbott kostelic each tell him to negotiate with the other negotiating with president trump is like negotiating with jello that's why this compromise will be called the trump shutdown office of management and budget director mick mulvaney figures still she were shut down so at that nice little ring to it doesn't it affects you the shutdown on people like you yellowstone national park is open in new york ellis island and the statue of liberty a closed as or the liberty bell and independence hall in philadelphia national park availability is spotty abc's david right back in 2013 donald trump the citizen was sharply critical of president obama saying the president has to lead here he has to get everybody in the same room and hash things out as there were a year ago on the anniversary of the trump inauguration big demonstrations in major cities advocating women's rights and against president trump policy these calls for president trump to be removed from office at the national impeachment march in downtown portland oregon this woman marching in new york i'm here i support democracy and women's rights immigrants healthcare in los angeles zebulon goria natalie portman oil a davis alfie woodard scarlett johansson constance wu adam scott and rob reiner were among the celebrities who addressed a crowd of hundreds.

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