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Would you like to get paid to listen to this podcast grab the fountain app for free and get all our badness But earn some sweet satoshis download for free now at fountain FM here in the Republic of bad, Cryptopia We've been talking about the great reset for many years Designed to strip normal citizens of power and privacy the global elite have their eyes set on making themselves Kings and queens of the modern era you and I well were to be serfs And we shall eat bugs and like it, but if the world were to transition to this final dystopian phase How might it take place a book titled the great taking by David Rogers web? provides scenarios in which it might all unfold you might say it's a blueprint for world domination or Oppression we give you our take on the great taking today on our hey We can't all be kings and queens so suck it episode number 696 of the bad crypto podcast you This is the bad crypto podcast the show for the crypto curious and the crypto serious We are your blockchain blockheads your crypto clowns the nifty nerds It's the DeFi do fight the metaverse morons and the bad crypto badasses Joel calm and sir Lord Travis right and and we're here for you We are heater Definitely not only that we want to you know we've been talking about a lot of this stuff and some people go oh my god It's conspiracy you guys but part of the reason that I know that I got into crypto was because I understood how fiat money works right and Once you understand how paper money works in the Federal Reserve Bank that's neither federal nor reserve and then paper fiat money is always inflationary it always crashes eventually and Always create these depressions and whatnot and so it's like once you understand that you start Trying to figure out how the rest of the system works right Joel kind of yeah absolutely and you know hey conspiracy Theorists are batting pretty high right now like if you know you were a Vegas odds maker You'd have to put your money on on the conspiracy Theorists and look some of it is just obvious as the nose on your face Unless you know you unless you have no nose in which case it's just obvious that you don't have a nose on your face Which is even more obvious than having a nose on your face, so by the way Travis. I was reading through you know our list of Funny things that we call ourselves You know usually we say we duck duck go things so people don't have to and that that has to change now now We're chat GPT stuff so people don't have to Well we're Claude a eyeing stuff also you found a great site called Claude AI That you can upload documents to and tell it to give you summaries Mm -hmm yeah, it's really good. It's one of those tools that can help you learn faster Right as long as these tools don't become bastardized and be completely biased from a liberal bent right that only gives you Oh, I give you upload stuff, and it goes and we don't want to tell you that because it says things We don't want you to know. I think it's we're still early that that's not the case I I do think chat GPT is getting a little more biased Claude doesn't seem to be yet, right? But what I did was I found this document. I think I found it on a Twitter Thread or a YouTube video. I don't remember exactly where I found it But then if you go to the great taking dot -com you can actually get this PDF download the PDF then Upload it into Claude dot AI when I say Claude that's like Claude Monet CLA ude dot AI Upload it in there, and then just you can start asking it questions, right? You can do this with any PDF that you want to upload, but this this author right here David Roger Webb He's worked in finance and investing for many years, and he started to realize that most of these major economic crises are Intentionally by caused these very powerful people who control the central banks and the financial system, and then you go hey Travis What do you mean these powerful secretive people who own the control the central banks and the financial system? Well that goes back Joel to our G Edward Griffin Conversation with the creature from Jekyll Island and how they created the Federal Reserve Bank at the same time They created the IRS same time They created the Federal Reserve Note and the paper money and their goal has always been to over time Not immediately like the people who created it in Jekyll Island the in the Federal Reserve Bank They know they're not gonna be the ones that see this true fruit to fruition But they know their grandkids are probably gonna be the ones that lead it So there they want to consolidate power and control humanity and orchestrate this economic turmoil Over a long period of time like they don't have just a four -year cycle of goal like a typical president does Joel They have like hey, we're gonna do this over the next hundred hundred and twenty -five years right right. It's generational You know it's kind of the Chinese have been so successful because you know as you've noted before they have a 500 year plan And so the powers that be are looking you know forward to the generations to come here and going how do we bring this? To a place where we have all the control on the world and we decide how the world is run and so this book provides one theory on How this all comes together and how they bring about this great reset And so it doesn't mean that this is what is going to happen But all of the things we're going to talk about that are described in this book are definitely we're on that path To these things taking place and fortunately you know Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin and If it weren't for decentralized cryptocurrency, I don't know that you know there would even be a chance of Fighting back against the the tide that has been set against us to you Yeah, yeah, well what we're seeing is a collapse in monetary velocity Just just like what happened in the 1930s depression where money has an ebb and it flow It's like that would they'll flood the market with more paper dollars and printer go burr And then they get to the point where they start pulling that money back And there's less money and then that signals the end of the debt cycle Right according to this book and according to other experts, and that's what we're seeing right now is there's this slow collapse that's happening and That's what's most likely Motivating the great reset plan right so they're talking about oh, you'll have nothing and you'll be happy well What does that mean? What do you mean? We're gonna have nothing and be happy.

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