How Good Is Roy Jones Jr.?

Kraig Facts


Is the 20th anniversary of Roy Jones being the first person in the history of boxing to go from being a junior middleweight champion to a heavyweight champ mouthpiece how good is Roy Jones jr. and where do you have them all time on your list of boxers I mean he was one of the most exciting ones to watch for sure after getting you know clobbered like he did a couple of times I think the magic man put him down a couple of times right right this record 69 and 9 yeah so it just you know once you've seen you know stuff like Mayweather it's kind of hard to like only person I say that's the most devastating like in you can say in different classes you got your favorite Mike Tyson is always gonna be my favorite in the heavyweight right because he was just you know one punch can just in everything right Mayweather isn't my other favorite because of the simple fact undefeated barely got touched look like he can go to the club right after the game I mean right after the fight and he made stupid amounts of money for a 30 -minute fight I'm saying so you know those two are kind of like the top of Roy Roy has some iconic moments some cold knockouts and some clown in like real he was a showboater is he the best offensive fighter in the history of boxing no who is better offensively than Roy Jones I mean first thing to come to my mind was Sugar Ray Sugar Ray Robinson or Sugar Ray Leonard Leonard Leonard was a puncher row Leonard used to give you dad work

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