Can’t get Taylor Swift tickets? See all of Swift’s eras on display at this costume exhibit


Olive Taylor Swift's eras are on display in a costume exhibit in New York. Swift's era's tour is selling out stadiums around the country. I promise that you'll never find another like me. For anyone needing their Taylor Swift fix and don't have a ticket. The second floor of the museum of arts and design features dozens of swift costumes and objects. Tim Rogers is museum director. Two of the iconic costumes in this exhibition are from the shake it off video. We have the ballerina costume and we also have the cheerleader costume. The centerpiece is a red wedding dress swift war in a 2021 video. Another of her costumes is very heavy. The bejeweled costume and while I can't tell you exactly how much it weighs, I can tell you that when we were putting it on the mannequins, it took more than one person. Greta Meyers is a swiftie and a fashion student. I know I'll be okay if Taylor Swift has gone through it. The goal of the exhibit to explore how Taylor Swift uses clothing and props to tell stories like a vocabulary. I'm Ed Donahue

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