Judge halts South Carolina’s new stricter abortion law until state Supreme Court review


South Carolina's newly signed abortion law has been temporarily halted by a judge. Judge Clifton Newman's ruling sends the new law that bans most abortions in South Carolina around 6 weeks of pregnancy to be reviewed. Planned Parenthood sued almost immediately after the bill was signed, a judge Newman said it would end up before the state Supreme Court anyway. The law is similar to one in 2021 that was struck down after the justices ruled three to two that it violated the state constitution's right to privacy lawmakers say the new law includes technical tweaks meant to appeal to justice John few, who wrote in his previous opinion that legislators didn't show that they did any work to determine if 6 weeks was enough time for a woman to know she was pregnant. The halt means the state reverts to a restriction at around 20 weeks for now. Since that decision justice Kay Hearn retired, making the South Carolina high court the only one in the country without a woman on the bench. I'm Jennifer King

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