How and when to remove children from their homes? A federal lawsuit raises thorny questions


A former Massachusetts family is hoping that a lawsuit will set a precedent for state child welfare agencies that want to remove children from their homes. Sarah Perkins says when she lived in Waltham Massachusetts last year, she took her three month old to a hospital emergency room for a high fever. She says when x-rays were done, doctors found a rib fracture and days later. We heard a knock at the door and it was armed police officers with several people from the department of children and families there to take our kids. Perkins says her son likely sustained the injury weeks earlier when her mother removed the baby from a car seat, he slipped and her mom caught him by grabbing one of his arms, still Perkins says it took her and her partner three months in about $50,000 in attorney's fees to have parental custody fully restored. Perkins and her partner are plaintiffs and a lawsuit alleging constitutional violations, including deprivation of parental rights without due process. I'm Donna water

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