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Medicine, utilities and more. Maybe it can help you checkup benefits dot org. Coming right up on WTLP this midnight hour Saturday morning after traffic. My jury awarded a former police lieutenant more than a million dollars after her arrest. I'm Megan Claugherty. It's Saturday morning. It's 12 18 on WCLP. Glad you're with traffic and weather on gates the and winning breaks. First over to Brenda Joseph this morning at the WTLP Traffic Center. Traveling on the Belt Lane, the outer loop through Virginia. We're seeing a jam approaching Route 7 into 66. Overnight construction is three lanes blocked. Only one lane is getting by. It's adding about 10 to 15 minutes onto your drive. Inner loop of the Beltway not seeing a big delay at the moment. Through the district DC 295 northbound. Some heavy volume from the 11th Street Bridge up to East Capitol Street. That's through construction. Only one lane is getting by. Then you're heavy again north of Benning Road. Report of a construction zone there at the moment. Traveling through Maryland 95 looks good. No major problems on the BW Parkway at moment. the We do have a report of a crash. This is on Maryland 175 eastbound at I -95. Thanks to a caller to the line tip for that report of a crash. Seeing some heavy volume through that scene. 270 all clear between Frederick and the Beltway with no major problems. Traveling eastbound 66 you'll see construction between 234 and Centerville. Left two lanes are a blocked big overnight. delay now Not at the moment. Westbound on 66 construction set up at 234 as well. Where you have some lane restrictions but big delays. Traffic looks good on 95 through Virginia and if you're making your way to the eastern shore along 50 you're clear from the Beltway out through Annapolis and across the Bay Bridge with no major problems to report. I'm Brandon Joseph WTOP traffic. Air

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