A highlight from Richard Heart Could Face LIFE IN PRISON (The End Of HEX?)

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Any of you guys from the SEC are listening I hope you are I want you to know in the deepest Deepest parts of your heart that I've saved a lot more people from being wrecked than you have Because I did everything I could to prevent people from putting their money into BlockFi Did you I did everything I could to prevent people from putting their money into Celsius? Did you I did everything I could to put people in charge of their own keys and get them to? Have self custody. Did you do that? I called the top on the day. Did you? What have you done? So I break my balls to save people. I'm warning people about bad daps fake airdrops Showing people constantly every single hack that happens right I hand out free coins out the ying yang I created free coins give them to Bitcoin quarters now creating free coins giving them to aetherium and every single er c20 holder I'm the giving tree of crypto. I raised 27 million for charity You know what the SEC did the SEC? 50 Got paid million dollars. All right, so that is Richard heart and whatever he says there I'm not sure if it's gonna help him when it comes to this big case against the SEC and we're gonna talk about the SEC case and Richard heart and what it means we also going to Talk about Bitcoin and where we're at with Bitcoin. So yesterday when we were on the show we said that It was decision time and Bitcoin needed to either break up or break down It looks like we got our break down and we are at the same level exactly the level which Annie said when she was in The show yesterday. She said it's gonna be twenty eight thousand eight hundred a presto about I said Is it gonna go up or down from here? She said it's gonna go down and she's looking for the twenty eight thousand eight hundred But look not all is lost We have dropped one level which is the 50 the 50 ma the 50 the 50 day moving average We've dropped that level but we are here at Another critical level. So I want to show you this this level here if you take Let me make sure you zoom out first. Let me go on today on to the daily and if you take this trend over here And okay, let me just get off the screen So if you take this trend line over here, it is exactly what Garrett said in terms of the trend So we are let me just get that a bit more a bit neater my charts are my charting skills on the screen I'm not great but you can see that Bitcoin is now moving back towards this trend line over here and probably if you look at that the Next critical level is about the twenty eight thousand. So we are going to talk about that We're also going to talk about this Bitcoin dominance spikes It's not a big spike but Bitcoin dominance actually did start going up and the reason why Bitcoin dominance started going up is because If you look at the bubbles you can see that there are two things that are really weighing down crypto So the first thing is the hex and pulse story. You've got hex down 26 % you got pulse down 45 % But I'll show you something very cool here when you look at hex and pulse Is that if you go to the hourly you can see that they're starting to recover on the hourly So yes, it's been a bad day for hex and pulse but if you go down to a shorter time frame What you can see is that these tokens are actually starting to turn and this may be your indicator that it might actually be buy Time so one of the things we are we should talk about today is we should talk about whether this is the end For hex and pulse or whether we're gonna get some kind of recovery now Magat says that Maybe it's not the end and maybe there's gonna be some kind of recovery the other big sector that you can see is Benicha Ave compound synthetics all the The DeFi token specifically the big DeFi 1 .0 tokens that have a lot of traction They got hit and we're gonna talk about why they got hit Because it's all got to do with curve and the hack that happened on curve But ironically it's actually not the hacker that's pushing down the price The big issue is that what's going on here could be a huge a huge hit to crypto This could be something that takes the market down by 10 or 20 percent overnight if it happens So we got to talk about all of that then I've got to Admit that I was half right and half wrong. So I said that FTX 2 .0 would never ever start I said that never ever start the exchange again And I was half right when I said it because I said it in context of the fact that the exchange token is going to be worth nothing and it is gonna be worth nothing but I was wrong because it seems like the FTX exchange is gonna restart. It's gonna restart pretty soon and We're gonna talk about that today. So there's a lot to talk about today. It's a massive massive show We haven't had a big news show like this for a long long long time Let's go. Let's get this on the road I Mean it's been a rough 24 hours for old coins If you look at that the old coin market hasn't been great and you can see it in the dominance Going back up towards that 50 % remember we were on forty nine and a half and you can see it in the banter bubbles Where you can see that the the the old coins have been really really really hard hit We're gonna talk about each one of them and why they've been hard hit And whether or not this is the end or whether we can expect another leg down Let me tell you that there is a real risk of another big leg down in crypto If if this curve situation doesn't resolve itself, then we've got a very very very big problem We're gonna get the defy the defy protocols the big defy protocols with all the traction They are going to get destroyed. They are going to get crippled if this curve thing pans out So it's a pretty serious thing We did start covering it yesterday, but I think we're gonna speak about it today because it could actually affect your portfolio It's also an amazing amazing amazing opportunity and I'll show you what the opportunity is regarding the curve token So I do have a long positioning curve I was stopped out a little bit of my curve position overnight because the price dipped and I'll show you whether or not it's worth actually getting into a similar trade on curve and where you should get into into Similar trade on curve because there's a lot of money to be made here There is a fort if you know what you're doing. There's a fortune of money to be made here I Think that's what we're gonna be covering today. If you are new to channel subscribe to channel Give us some love help us get on shadow band. We shadow band again. We keep fighting each of these shadow bands We just cannot win the only way to get rid of them is if you give us smash the like button and if you comment and they know that We're producing good content Obviously only do it if you think we're producing good content, but of course you think we're producing good content Otherwise, why the hell are you taking are you taking hours out of your day to come and join us here? That doesn't really make sense. Also If you are not yet signed up for the Bible competition, we will be giving away iPhones on the show today Let's just have a look at our squad We have we have 1948 people in our squad Let's see what the number two squad or the number three squad. In fact, let's just see what the squad layout looks like Okay, let's just quickly see what the layout looks like Okay, my squad if I want to change squad don't you dare do this don't don't change squads we need you in our squad Okay, so we have 1948 the winning team. Wow, we're catching up to them that we've got 70 with 74 behind them We've been 200 behind in the whole time All you do there is a link underneath this video sign up with a crypto banter by but referral link and then sign up to Our team we are going to be giving away the full eight million dollars that we win if we win to the community We're not keeping anything for the host also today We're gonna be giving away two iPhones at the end of the show to two people that have signed up So if you're not already signed up sign up, I mean you basically get an opportunity to win 20 iPhones between 2 ,000 people That's one in every hundred people is gonna win an iPhone and we're gonna just keep giving away iPhone and iPhones until we bolster this squad Alright, let's get into the meat and potatoes of the show because I think there's a massive massive massive show to talk about today There's lots of news. We haven't had news like this for a long time It's actually one of those days where I actually really want to do a show because there's so much to talk about So I think we should probably skip the formalities and just get straight into the hex story because it is a big big big story and I think the big question is what is Richard Hart gonna do is Richard Hart actually going to fight the SEC? or is he just going to be do what everybody else did and Actually settle and I think that I have some insight today. I'm gonna build a story today I'm gonna show you why I think that Richard Hart may actually fight this till the very end I don't think he's gonna just take the the settlement I'm gonna show you why in a few seconds, but for those of you don't know what is going on I think you obviously know who Richard Hart is we showed him in the beginning in the beginning of the show. We also We also on the eve of the launch of the Richard Hart Okay, we are set for you Richard What do you want people to know about you I got a big dick this here is three point one million dollars watches I don't know as big as diamonds you don't I do is Richard Genius legendary arrogant bit of a narcissist the benevolent king quarter -million hate me hate me I'm farther than you'll ever be in your whole life. Who does this guy think he is? Whatever the governments have been doing it's not worked out You've never had worse interest rates. Your money has never been worth less. Everything is getting worse Only thing that's making it better is crypto currency. It's better than the dollar. It's better than gold. It's better money Crypto is money without governments and it is money without banks You're not gonna meet another product like this as long as you live. Yes, every scammer in the world is gonna say this is the trailer for the Richard Hart movie and I think on the eve of the The Richard Hart story the SEC comes out and they make an announcement that they are suing Richard Hart aka Richard Schuler His real name is Richard Schuler and three unincorporated entities that he controls hex pulse chain and pulse X with conducted Conducting unregistered offerings of crypto asset securities that raised more than a billion dollars in crypto assets from investors Hart called on investors to buy crypto asset securities in offerings that he failed to register with SEC He then this is where it gets tricky He then deferred those investors by spending some of their crypto assets on exorbitant luxury goods This action seeks to protect the investing public and hold hot accountable for his action So the SEC coming out with one of their we caught you announcements. This is the document. It's about 27 pages I read all 27 pages so that you don't need to read 27 pages I'll show you the points that are actually important the points that actually make sense So the first point that actually makes sense is what hearted was he raised 2 .3 million etherium from investors with 678 million dollars for the hex project back then it appears at 94 to 97 % of these each deposit saver were Recycling transactions directed by heart and other insiders which enabled heart or other insiders to gain control of a large number of hex tokens What that means is that he was taking the ETH that was deposited and he was recycling them to get more Tokens for himself and other insiders again. This is the allegations as per the SEC He says investors also invested more than 354 million by depositing their crypto assets to the pulse chain public wallet address in exchange for the promise of a future delivery of PLS tokens in connection with pulse X investors invested more than 676 million dollars by depositing their crypto assets to the pulse X Public address in exchange for the promise of future delivery of pulse X tokens They're going after him for hex for pulse and for pulse X now up until this point this whole thing is just a civil case between heart and the SEC for Potentially selling unregistered securities to this point. It's pretty simple straightforward and probably the same charges at every other ICO Founder is going to face now. Some of them will fight the the charges and something won't fight the charges That's just that's just what it is. But this is the point where it gets a little bit more tricky. So if you look at page 7 so it's point up to him Additionally heart and pulse chain defrauded investors by misappropriating at least 12 .1 million of pulse chain investor funds instead of using these funds to develop and market the pulse chain network or even fulfill hearts explicit statement that invested funds support freedom of speech heart and pulse chain used 12 .1 million dollars of investor funds for hearty for hearts personal hearty luxury luxury purchase Including a five hundred fifty five carat diamond the biggest black diamond in the world expensive watches and high -end automobiles now But I mean that was the lifestyle that that that heart was actually and we all saw this we saw the sports cars We saw the watches now. There's a big question here Is this misappropriation of investor funds on the one hand? He did tell everyone that they were sacrificing their money and if you sacrifice the money Well, then you're not actually an investor and if you're not an investor, well, then you don't have any rights that investors have so what the SEC is going after him for is they're making an assumption that a these tokens are securities and that be that he actually Misappropriated funds now again the term misappropriated funds means that Investors had expectations investors had expectations that the funds would be used for a certain purpose. These weren't investors. These are people that Sacrificed their money and probably that's gonna be hearts defense now I wonder if he actually got any legal opinions Before he actually did this and if he did get those legal opinions I wonder if he actually listened to his lawyers or whether he's eager got the better of him because it's all very well You know, sometimes you you get advice from your lawyers and as you end up making more and more money You start thinking that you're more and more invincible and if you Feel more invincible then you may stretch what your lawyers have told you and kind of justified it to yourself that it's okay to use These funds perhaps perhaps you can call this marketing Perhaps you can call this, you know part of the game to try and get people to sign up to the next community You know and you could say that this was what you did The other issue is that it seems like the SEC said that he is a US citizen, but he also The offers offering for sale of hex and hex tokens have not been registered with a commission and they were available to US investors and I think that that may actually be Another another issue that he has I'll show you I'll show you I think it's a point Page 11 so point page 11 hex hex conducted the worldwide offering with no restrictions on who could access hex and hex dot -com and he said that when hit websites and These transactions can be traced to at least 21 ,000 156 wallet addresses including addresses that belong to investors in the United States.

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