Valter Longo, PhD - Nutrition, Fasting Mimicking Diets, Regeneration and Longevity


Dr Vaulter Longo originally planned to be a rock musician. But luckily for us he became an international rockstar doctor. In the field of longevity evident nutrition Volker is a professor and director of Gerontology Biological Sciences at the longevity institute at the University of Southern California and he's also the director of longevity and cancer programs at the Institute of Molecular Oncology in Milan. Italy a little over a year ago Time magazine. Gene named DR Congo one of the fifty most influential people in healthcare for his work on forty two international clinical studies and groundbreaking research on the fasting mimicking diets. Away to read your body of well. A mutated cells while rejuvenating are healthy ones. He's the creator creator of the five day fasting mimicking Diet and the author of the international bestselling book the longevity. I I was nineteen. I think when I started working on aging and At the time it was a music student in Texas University of North Texas. FAMOUS JESSICA CESCO. Obviously it was in my head all along because I did not think about what I had to do. I say I have to study aging and I always thought what an incredible challenge bald scientifically but also taught. Why is every doctor working? and He seems to me and like that's where the problem is So yeah so I. I have to say beside the years very early years. I I've always worked on this that's that's all I've ever then. Because I had read about you that you had initially wanted to be a rockstar. I started the same way my my initial thought was to be a Rockstar Rockstar. And then I realized that I was lacking one key ingredient and that was talent So I quickly switched to something that I felt I could do better and you still involved in music. It's a little bit more now I think in the You know fundraising levels over thinking of doing some some cancer onset or something like that to raise money for research. Yeah so I always Worth an aging. Since the early nineties was like enough to be a student of Roy while for Ucla was a pathologist there and it was my first mentor new at the time. The the world Most well known person working on calorie restriction and the longevity and saw I followed up on his on his he's working and So for the best Twenty seven years. We've been focusing on other. Take this old idea of station fiction and make it make it a newer idea that can be brought to the clinics all over the world so so Dr Longo. You've been looking into various diseases that are related to aging That I guess are anti longevity Diseases such as cancer and and auto immunity and cardiovascular disease obesity and how these diseases might be affected and possibly even untreated with a modification of Diet and With intermittent fasting. Yes so what we really focusing. Because he now is What I call the longevity program and and and saw a mouse Has It on. DVD program that is it's about two and a half years long Into I ran. The lifespan is two two and a half years but this the health span is maybe one and a half years of mice started developing cancer maybe after one and a half years out of the two and a half years lifespan so then the idea. Da is why is it that people don't get cancer in most cases until they're forty or fifty or older So there is clearly Did the possibility of getting cancer is under the control of this program. So what we're really talking about here are cells that have kind of an aging problem. Yeah that's what we're going after we're going to have to the fundamental changes in cells And in the collection of south that eventually will lead to dysfunction. What does the Diet that you are proposing that has been shown to have these immune modulating effects and the longevity? Well let me just interrupt for a second here You know I think we're talking about two different kinds of diets there's one there's the Intermittent Diet that you would do three times a year optimally on. But then there's your daily diet so can you comment on each of those we did Epidemiological study using the CDC database. A few years ago. Oh where we showed that Americans eight the highest level since they had About seventy five percents increase risk of overall mortality about three to four fold increased risk for developing cancer Compared to those that had the lowest protein intake so this is about you know out you eat every day and Now this was true only up to sixty five so if you When when the CDC asked the question two eight year-olds There was no longer true. In fact people eight year old were reporting. Having a law protein intake did not do very well So Oh you know this is really important that To understand that this is not we liked to have simple answers like low protein high-protein. This is good this this is bad. It doesn't work like that. It's a complex environment. You just have to learn how to navigate it and and it's not you know once you learn and you have the right physician or or or or Dietitian helping you. I think is fairly straightforward but there are a lot of data that says that high fat diet has an increased risk of colon cancer and breast cancer Animal fats and high protein seems to be Bought associated with increased mortality increased risk for Cancer increased risk for cardiovascular disease the ideal everyday diet seems to be a fish plus plus Vegan Diet That is you. We know high nourishment and low protein Then the fast moving the festival making that is really something very different. And it's not even intermittent in nature. Can you describe the intricacies of the fasting mimicking diet. What does it entail? Yeah so the fast making diet is is a law sugar. A high fat good fats are low. Protein colorist diet and fats. By that you mean Omega three versus Omega Six. Then what are you referring to good fats. I refer to Type of fats. That are associated. Will Jerry the And health span extension so the the olive oil plant plant based of a certain kind that the is for example Avocado as an daas thus far not been associated with longevity extension but Not have and so as olive oil So those yeah that's what we're focusing on the ones that provide the fats the certain type of fats but also that are being consistently associated with higher health status in longevity

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