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He was cordial. He was polite. The detective brought up. Lisa's murder. Shera was bank. He danced around it in a sense. Like I think I remember that I think I remember reading about it in the paper and when the detective ask for DNA Sheera refused. What's what's your gut telling you that he's not willing to give up his DNA was well? It was it was odd but yet it wasn't because it's it's your constitutional right. Did that to give it and numerous people through the years refuse to give it now. His reasoning was odd. He stated he was inch afraid of cloning. That's got to be a new one. I for you. There was a first and last that made an impression on the detective but Shera had no no criminal record. No connection to Lisa. And there was no evidence linking him to her murder so Shera remained in their file and investigators again moved John Six years later in two thousand eight detective spoke to him again. The list is getting smaller and names are coming Back Cup again and Gary shares name comes back up become

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