Giants Introduce ‘Old School’ New Head Coach Joe Judge


Joe Judge is the new head head coach. He would call himself the new head football coach for the New York giants. He would actually call himself all right. You want to call himself the head football coach for the New York Football New York football giants not to confuse you with the baseball. Doing wind left sixty five years ago to in one versus Dallas. I was there two in one not one into yes see there you go thank you greg. I'm already a hater shortchanging changing. Can we get back to the football. Sorry I hate Joe Judge Yes because if you missed one who ends the football. Maybe I can explain that a little bit. Who am I by telling you? What's relevant is Congress being coach New York giants? What I'm about read bleeping? What I'm about is an an old school fiscal mentality mentality? We're GONNA put a product on the field that the people of this city and region be proud of. What does that mean? He's in this Zehr. Nobody's allowed to enter the facility area clear tackling player use get wrestling physically like as a history and a light six. What about competitive? We're going to give one hundred ten percent upbeat or the other team gives one hundred percent one hundred percents. Let's let's get down breath test so the problem with Joe. Judge isn't just that I hate him because of that. Yes shut up. I rolling stuff that nobody in the locker room of professional football players. All of whom work real hard. Take the stuff real seriously are going. Nobody's rolling with that now. The bigger problem Joe judges the process that got Joe judge hired tired

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