From Chevy Monte Carlo to Ford Escape



For years. I've been driving one interational of a Monte Carlo or another and all of all of our longtime listeners you guys have been with you guys have heard my trials and travails with that with that car and you know what it's like when you own a car for a long time and you know it's idiosyncrasies you get used to not having a car payment which is beautiful And eventually I had to give up the ghost man. I still have my Monte Carlo. But a new car. Yeah all right. Well Yeah it's three ninety nine money. No I got a twenty-seven four escape. 'cause I got a great deal on seventeen four. Okay okay. Very good news car. I've ever driven and I'm actually taking possession of it like all. The deals stuff is taking possession of it tomorrow as we're recording. Congratulations -gratulations well. Let's let's hope. It's I still have the Monte Carlo. Though it's you know I won't be able to sell it for anything I understand. Maybe your data take it. He takes he takes on projects. Like this right. Yeah maybe maybe he will. Well I you know I'm I'm just a couple questions if you don't mind we have to jump into shoe topic. Yeah couple all right. So how did he find. Is that something you're buying from a dealer you buy it from a friend you buy from craigslist. What a I'm buying a used With I I found it with the help of a A third party but the the purchase itself is directing. So I've checked out the car and I literally tomorrow all I'm doing is like taking possession of it. Well color is black black. Okay black on the outside. And it's you that's another thing with the cars as little worry gain 2017 model because the color is kind of the last thing I care about. Yeah engine that works. Louis says this has sixty K.. On it but I got a good deal and I was just very happy that I didn't get stuck with you. Know like a cornflower yellow or would you. They've all these fancy car paint names like you know absent minded vermillion or whatever. I don't get it but yeah I got just a regular a black Ford escape because they gotta do some hauling road trips ahead of me and so I I wanted to get Just a little beater pickup truck but like we talked about before. We're talking about the ranger. It's tough to get the the kind of pick-up truck would want you know. No disrespect to an F.. One fifty but I don't needs something like that little manual transmission do Cedar Parking Lot which is very difficult. The nothing funny I I mean I don't know why as to color I mean. That's the last thing that you should be concerned with probably just like a prank you in the parking lot if I see right do something this thinking because I actually went through some of the old research that we had done on the the INS and outs of buying a car. What you should know and what you should avoid what you should look for Cetera Hell yeah well. In a lot of people here in the audience today have war stories and one of the things that we had said in the past. The I think maybe some people weren't on board with was that I like you know know about you will see if you're on board with us. I am very much against Buying a brand new car. Oh Yeah I just. It's just not for me. I know it's for some people but it's not for me on what about you Kurt. I'm not completely against it. Really all right so you buy a new car and it's GonNa last you for maybe four or five years. I mean depending on how much you drive but years trouble-free maybe more Miki at two hundred thousand miles on pretty much any any car nowadays I'm not totally against it. So you see some security in it if you get used to make car payment every month. It's not too that's the one thing that's the one thing 'cause I did get it like through third parties so I do have a car note again. Yeah it's just it's tough to stomach but oh you know what you've got that reliability you've got You know the the the solid feel again of a car underneath you because I know what it's like to go from an older vehicle to newer vehicle and I'm I'm back to the position now by the way where mind is feeling older you know. It's a little more sloppy. It's not quite as it was. Yeah it's just tough to explain unless you're in the seat experience in it but a new car just has that correct feeling right feeling to it and something new to you I mean going from what year Two Thousand Four. Yeah Yeah Two Actually two thousand Two thousand six hundred sixty one thousand six hundred twenty seventeen almost ten years with many many miles on it. I'm sure it's probably just the more solid feeling vehicle underneath you. It's going to be nice. I'm excited about hearing about whatever you intend to do with this. You know honestly guys the fact that it might start it every time that I wanted to start flowing me

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