Barr calls Pensacola shooting an 'act of terrorism'


Attorney General William Barr says twenty one Saudi military cadets are being kicked out of the United States as in Pierce Bobby Allen reports the decision to expel the Saudi nationals follows a deadly shooting at a Pensacola naval base last month Barr says it was an act of terrorism when a Saudi military student killed three young sailors and injured eight other people in early December Barr says the gunman was motivated by radical jihadism and anti American sentiments the shooter was killed on the scene investigators then launched a probe of all of the eight hundred and fifty Saudi military students in the US Barr says the inquiry found that a number of them had either shared extremist material or child **** online twenty one cadets have been dissing rolled from their training curriculum in the U. S. military and will be returning to Saudi Arabia Barr says the Saudi government agreed the material authorities found in the U. S. was on the coming to the Saudi military Bobby on NPR news Washington

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