NYPD 'will keep the Jewish community safe,' commissioner says


Officials in New York City say they are doing everything possible bowl to prevent hate crimes from happening in the future and that includes newly sworn in police commissioner Dermot shade talked on CBS this morning about how he plans to protect the city's Jewish community after a recent increase and anti semitic hate crime given the incident that happened the rabbi's house over the weekend it was the thirteenth anti semitic tack in New York over the last three weeks I post on Twitter the were coming on this morning and asked people what do you want to ask the commissioner and Jorge in Florida said is he going to put more people on the street to deal with hate crimes yeah well that's a great question and and the answer is in fact yes that actually started a couple weeks ago here in New York City when you just three weeks ago at the Jersey city attack in that horrific incident now we stepped up patrols specifically in Jewish neighborhood specifically around houses of worship and that has continued and now intensified with this latest terrible terrible attack in Muncie this weekend so you can expect to see increased uniform patrols as well as plain clothes control patrols we have units from a critical response our strategic response group as well as precinct officers patrolling these areas houses of worship we'll see increased patrols and then it's all with the backdrop really to keep people safe but also to make people feel safe when you talk about increasing patrols can you tell us how many you were directing just in that area yeah well I will get without getting into specifics of deployment there will be many offices deployed on each tour when you're specifically looking at areas such as the nine all the line for that's Williamsburg connoting apparel park we are looking at crown heights we will keep the Jewish community safe and we have a zero tolerance when it comes to hate crimes in New York City these commissioner Dermot share the New York police department speaking with David bag now on CBS this

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