Truck bomb kills at least 90 in Mogadishu


I'm Anthony Davis At least nineteen people were killed when a bomb laden truck exploded at a busy checkpoint in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Saturday an international organization organization working in the country said in the deadliest attack in more than two years the dead included many students and two Turkish nationals Somalia's alias. Foreign Minister said adding dozens were injured. Saturday is a working day in the Muslim country and the explosion occurred during the morning rush hour. Rescuers carried bodies pass the twisted wreckage of a vehicle and a minibus taxi smeared with blood. It's being reported. The death toll is more than ninety. He and the university students and seventeen police officers were among those killed like how the checkpoints in a city scarred by decades of conflict traffic is often clogged the X.. Control Junction where heavily-armed security forces checked vehicles for explosives and weapons and other offices direct traffic offic. There is also a government tax collection point at the junction. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the blast. But the city's mayor blamed Al Qaeda L. Linked Islamist group Al Shabaab the group regularly carries out such attacks in an attempt to undermine the government which is backed by the United Nations and African in Union peacekeeping troops. The most deadly attack blamed on al-shabaab was in October. Two thousand seventeen. When a bomb laden truck exploded next to a fuel tank in Mogadishu creating a fireball that killed nearly six hundred people Turkey's foreign ministry confirmed the death of two of its nationals? Yesterday techy has been a major donor to Somalia since a famine in two thousand eleven and together with the government of Qatar is funding a number of infrastructure and medical cool projects in the

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