Divine Architecture: Our Lady of the Cadore


Monaco's dedicated weekly design program. And I'm Josh Venit each week. We embark on an uphill challenge of an intriguing tale. Somewhere somewhere in the world of design and this week we had to the snow top tips of the Dolomite Mountains in Italy to be exact located in a forest. Not far from the resort town of Cortina. He knows damn pet so in northern Italy the Church of Our Lady of Kadora is a jewel of sacred modern architecture completed in nineteen sixty one. The building was designed by Italian architect of note collar SCARPA. He worked with the former pupil to create a space that continues to attract devote tease design minded and religious like Monaco's Melania correspondent Ivan. Combine Leo made the Pilgrimage to visit the church and he also spoke with a local architectural historian named Michaela. Low about about this. Unique Work of ecclesiastical architecture take it away Ivan one of the most enigmatic doc and underappreciated figures of Twentieth Century Design Carlo SCARPA was an architect and designer best known for his instinctive approach to materials combining time. I'm honored crafts with modern manufacturing techniques. We all live on. Borough fanatical born in one thousand nine six in Venice where I studied architecture. SCARPA would go on to work at the famed. Veneer glassworks in Moreno. Where in the Nineteen Thirties. He was creative director and developed pieces. The today are part of the permanent collection. At New York's Moma as an architect SCARPA worked mostly in around Venice. We're in the nineteen forties. He began to teach drawing and into your decoration. At the local university one of his pupils was architect. Eduardo Goellner who returned in nineteen fifty six to ask his former professor for help on a commission in the dolemite mountains. It Atalanta Kamata Brigitta in the village to record order close to the ski resorts of Cortina. Pitso Gillner was busy building. A holiday village for the employees of ENRICO METAIS head of Italian oil giant any next to two hotels and chalets for workers families to use his vacation homes in summer and winter metairie desire to church to complete his mouth community. You Kill Merlo is an architect and historian who oversees foundation documenting. The work of Goellner who bid like years Care Integrated Tony Goupil down. The chemicals that Merrill explained tells carpers lasting contribution to the interior of the church elevated the any project pick to become a respected work of contemporary Italian architecture. The case will be larger. Costatini solid between a forum. Ano- Naji Lady Eighty Galilee. He said he'd donate any promotional video. Shows the church in all its modernist splendor blender during a festive Christmas mass and the mass full attention to detail that SCARPA brought to the project. Scott up out of the Venezia a Thai the comic receive eight three the Morano carotenoids any Lampe de Mello observes of the austere interior made of concrete beaten would is given a touch of color in the green and Ambert into Chinda. Leers made him Ronald Glass designed by SCARPA his minimalist pews. Mahogany arc matched by flooring that beaches a pattern created by submerging treetrunks into the cement pavement. The main entrance is a grand sliding door and would that opens in summertime. Underneath the churches sixty degree pitched roof and slender belltower. With a high steel steeple there recalls a slender oil rig worshippers find a sequence of trusses braced by asymmetrical steel tyrod and supported by cement pillars. Also remarkable was the high altar and his spinning the reforms of the Second Vatican Council a few years later SCARPA designed stunning sculpture in White Guerrero marble that allow the priest to face the congregation and during the celebration of the mass fans of SCARPA will find it like his later. Work of sacred architecture at the Briones cemetery in the Venuto. It is the subtleties that standout in his designs. At the Church of Our Lady of Kadoorie SCARPA was able to compose

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