The Number of Mentally Ill Inmates in California Jails Is Rising


The number of inmates in California's county jails has gone down but a new study finds the number of mentally ill inmates has spiked as Casey does Kelly wells reports the problem is especially severe in southern California the number of Californians in jail has gone down about ten percent in the past decade but the number of those people who are on psychotropic medications has nearly doubled the number of active mental health cases shot up to to twenty two thousand people in twenty nineteen that's according to this new study by the consulting firm California health policies strategies that's bad news because mentally ill inmates on average are incarcerated longer there more often put in solitary confinement and they're more expensive to incarcerate they're also more likely to take their own lives the firm's founder David pander says a lot of these inmates are homeless before their arrest and after the release and the criminal justice system isn't helping them get

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