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Learning to Weld

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On Friday. We put out the corner table video video which came out really good. And as some Bob before we hit record are the welding on the table Dannon I looked at at one we were done and Dan goes. You'RE NOT GONNA win any awards for that and it was A. You're you're right and on camera I would explain like I'm still learning. Don't just Gimme a chance. I'm still learning but when I went to go at it the video none of it showed up like there's not enough detail. It's not close enough and so I'll just cut that part out and make it look like I know what I'm doing So just know that the tables perfectly fine I got some good penetration is just not pretty but this week my buddy jol. WHO's a professional fabricator? He's coming over and we're going to shoot a video on getting started in welding and and what you need to look for. And he's is going to help me with my technique because it's going to be really important here and a couple weeks when I start attacking in the go kart together because that's gotta be saving for me and the other people and if it's not good I can't I can't I can't race it so I need to. I need to get my technique down before before. So Joel Washing He's GonNa come over and he's he's he's GonNa hold my hand again and we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get it all on camera breath very Zena. Hold the hand. That's holding the welding torch. The other both of them that Patrick swayze ghost scene. It's going to be. We'll have some nice music playing in the background. Oh man that's all. We talked about this off off camera that you know it. It is totally different to have somebody who knows what they're doing. Give you like five minutes of dedicated dedicated teaching hand experience with somebody rather than just fumbling around and takes you so much less time. You're getting immediate give. Yeah exactly you can mm seat rather than like waiting a week or two weeks and then getting feedback from the Youtube comments when your mind is an entirely different place I had tons of people. Tell me that Oh you should go. You know work with Alex Steele Bill. When you're doing the blacksmith thing for the first time I'm like well that's awesome? Yeah I would love to live somewhere else and I did this three weeks ago so you know like it it. It didn't work but having somebody there to give you just a few minutes of instruction hands on is awesome which is probably why the classes are such a success for you Jimmy. Carr's people were getting that in a group you know great. I say it all the time when I first learned my shop bought. CNC Try playing with the Safa by myself. I didn't know what what I was doing then. I didn't go to youtube videos. I just try to make it on my own and then I was so confused. I sat with somebody one of the teachers at maker Faire and I sat with five minutes and that was my whole entire education and from there it got started. So that five minutes of clarity clearing up some MM stuff that I had learned playing with it on my own. Got Me completely on my way