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HI everybody. It's Peter Travers. Here here with this special edition of Popcorn which we're calling the Oscar popcorn because this weekend on February ninth exactly everybody will be watching. Being the Oscar telecast on ABC and probably having their own little ballot. Like I have here trying to figure out who's going to win this damn thing and if the person I don't like winds pushed I put my money on. That's what really happens. That's what people ask me on the street. So I'm GonNa take you through these main categories and and we'll see what will win what should win and we can argue. You can find me somewhere and we can argue about it. But I'm going to start with with best supporting actress. Because that's how the Academy Awards those that's always the first award that we say Kathy Bates in Richard Jewel. Laura dern in marriage in story Scarlett Johansson in Joe Rabbit Florence Pew in Little Women and Margot Robbie in bombshell so look. There's it's a lot of good people here and I have to say right at the outset. That Scarlett Johansson is one of those rare actors that has a nomination as best actress. Chris and best supporting actress marriage story for Best Actress in here supporting which usually gets you to win one and that usually that it's usually that one but it's it's not going to happen you know I'm sitting here saying did I read wrong. What happened to Jennifer Lopez and hustlers? Hasn't she been in this game since the release Lisa Hustler she has and yet the academy you bad people have decided that J.. Lo just wasn't Oscar material while you're wrong but look we we have to deal with rats here and I'm going to say that the person who will win in this category is also the person who should win. And that is Laura Burn and Laura dern in marriage story plays a divorce lawyer and she's a tough one and let's think of all the Hollywood people that are voting for this award and how every single one of them I'll wager. A BET has their own divorce lawyer and has been through this process. Maybe more than once. Maybe two we're three times to do it. And they find Laura Dern Dunn's in this movie something spectacular it's also one of the few awards. I think that marriage story story is going to win. But Laura Dern has never won an Oscar. This will be her first time. Everyone loves her. We all love and big little lies and I think this is her time on so let her have it all right. I'm moving onto best supporting actor. Tom Hanks in a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Anthony Hopkins in the two popes Al Al Pacino in the Irishman Joe Pesci in the Irishman and Brad Pitt in once upon a time in Hollywood. Look you're talking to a big Irishman fan here so if it was me saying come up for the gold it would be Joe. Patchy I know Joe Pesci doesn't do any publicity. He basically sticks fix to himself. He's probably tough guy in real life as the gangster that he plays in the Irishman but that performance is amazing and won won his first Oscar for another score says he movie goodfellas where he was the most scary gangster. You can see here. He's kind of quiet dawn. So if I'm I'm giving them it would be Joe Patchy but the academy is giving this award and no one. No one can win. This except Brad Pitt. These other people here Tom Hanks Anthony Hopkins Al Pacino and Peci all have won Oscars so they already have the gold. Do you realize his full career. Brad Brad Pitt has never won an academy award game over people. This is it Brad. You're going to get in once upon a time in Hollywood playing a stuntman. It man playing somebody who's been around the business. I think it's irresistible for Hollywood to say I'm going to reject one of my own. Plus he was great in the movie. You seem to hear my voice that I have a little bit of a problem. Yeah I do. Because that's not a supporting performance at all that his part is the equal who of his Co Star Leonardo DiCaprio's WHO's nominated for best actor. So why is he in that category. I think they want to win. And Brad you might as well prepare repair your speech right now okay. I am now moving onto best actress. Cynthia Haribo in Harriet Scarlett Johansson in marriage story. Sir Sharon in little women. Charlie's Sharon in bombshell and Renee Zellweger in Judy. What Best S. actress award so far from the Golden Globes to the critics choice awards has it Renee Zellweger one? She's won all of them. So is there any possibility ability here for something else. I mean. Look what Charlie. Stern did in bombshell. She not only plays Megan Kelly. The makeup geniuses have made her look exactly exactly like her and Charlie's has talked exactly like are they love bio pics there so she should be really strong. Social Ronin is like twenty five years old. She's he's on her fourth Oscar nomination. This is incredible and Scarlett Johansson. Like I said nominated for best. Supporting actress and Best Actress. Cynthia revolt is playing Harry Tubman and she also wrote the song from the movie which is nominated. That happened to somebody last year. Didn't it yes it was lady. Eating Gaga Lady Gaga was nominated for writing that wonderful song from stars born and his best actress. But what did you win. She won best song and that was it so I have to say that again. I would give this award person late to search for Ronin just because I think to be that young and to be that consistently brilliant is amazing and her performance in little women. Is that good. But it's Rene as I talk about. How Hollywood would love bio-pics this is? Judy Garland that she's playing judy. This is one of their own. Did they ever give. Judy Garland her own Oscar Competitive Competitive Acting Oscar. Never and I think for that reason not only will renee Zellweger win best actress but she will win for Oscar. Judy Garland on never had. It's their way of saying Judy. We love you. We were so stupid not to give it to you. And we're going to give it to Rene in honor of you. This is how Hollywood works. It's really crazy. But if you're betting on this you have to bet crazy. Aright best actor Antonio Banderas in pain and gory. Leonardo di Caprio in once upon a time in Hollywood Adam driver in marriage story what came Phoenix and joker and Jonathan Pryce in the two popes. I look at this category and before I get into. Who Will Win and who should win? I've I've got to say academy what you have against Comedians. And what do you have against Eddie Murphy. That he's not nominated for Dole. Might as my name what you have against Adam Sandler who proved his dramatic chops in uncut gems. Like nobody can believe and yet they have it they only like to give Oscars to actors serious actors who played comic roles. Ause they hate anybody who's making a living as a comic to actually win this war so this year's been going along I've had this feeling that this was Adam drivers to lose that performance in marriage story is one of the best things he's ever done or that I've seen this year and yet there's this other guy and who's that other guy he's Joaquin Phoenix plane joker. Sometimes there's that kind of performance sometimes. There's there's one that just so dominates the screen. That is such an act of immersion of from an actor in a raw. Yeah Joaquin was scary. He was sometimes funny. He was always touching even though he's playing somebody who's totally out of his mind and a lot of this movie his in his mind. What Cain has been nominated several times before and never one Joaquin? This is yours. I can't believe any set of circumstances. Stances if you WANNA bet the whole house on something and somebody to win it's going to be Joaquin Phoenix as best actor for joker game over all right. We're ready now to move on. I'm going to best director now. This is one of the most exciting categories because these people will these particular men and save and because Hollywood as wont of decided that even though there were more women directing movies than ever before four last year. They couldn't find any to nominate which is of course absurd because Greta Gerwig directed little women which is nominated as best picture and they. I thought no I'm just GONNA do five men like we always do what happened. You people sort of learned a couple of years ago when you nominated Greta. GERWIG quick for Ladybird didn't give it to her. But you nominated her. The KADEMI is ninety two years old. Now how many women has given an academy award for directing one. And that's Kathryn Bigelow for hurt locker. Ninety two years one award hang your head in shame name anyway not knocking any of these men that did get nominated. But there's one in there that I would sacrifice for Greta Gerwig but you you try to guess who that is anyway. Here they are. Martin Scorsese the Irishman Todd Phillips. For Joker Sam Mendes for nine thousand nine hundred Seventeen Quentin Tarantino eighteen. O for once upon a time in Hollywood and Bung June hope for parasite every one of these guys you can make a case for. Martin Scorsese Z.. To me is a master the grandmaster who only has one Oscar for directing and then the Irishman is doing some of his best work. Ever Quentin Tarantino. Not No with once upon a time in Hollywood is also a peak form and yet I'm saying this category is going to between two other the directors one of them being the South Korean Vong June Hall for parasite a Foreign Language Film. That seems to have got everybody excited about what's possible and then Sam Mendes for nine hundred seventeen a world war one movie that is constructed to look like it was done in in one continuous. Take how do you resist that. You don't even though I think they would really like to give their best director award worked. Bon John. How it's going to be for Sam Mendes for creating a war movie like no war movie we've ever seen before so sam I think think it's yours but if you're getting out there and you WanNa go to Bung Jun Ho? You know you might do it because there's always a surprise in these contests we can't go. Oh by what the odds are we have to go by sometimes the academy saying I have an instinct for this. I have a feeling this is the right way to go all right last category. Are we ready best picture of the year Ford versus Ferrari the Irishman Joe. Joe Rabbit Joker her little women marriage story nineteen seventeen once upon a time in Hollywood and parasite here is is the one you know every year I do this. It's between one or two movies this year. I can't reduce anything to to the Irishman my estimation a classic one for the ages. Martin Scorsese. Ed Is Best Robert De Niro Pacino. Joe Patchy making a mob movie about old-age age about the end of a mobster. This is the punishment that they get for the lives they live. There's nobody in their lives there alone. It's a tragedy Quentin went and Tarintino. Once upon a time in Hollywood is writing about Hollywood in the sixties and about a time that he thought was the last creative burst of Hollywood Hollywood and doing that. Nineteen seventeen again the World War One movie shot to make it look like. It's one continue steak and parasite a movie about a Korean Rian family in which they exploited the people they work for and then are exploited by the people working for them it is a classic. These are four incredible classics. So what am I gonNA do. What am I going to tell you? What's out there that you have to say? This is the winner and I'm going to go with with all excuses. No excuses in fact to my love for the Irishman. But I think this is the year of Quentin Tarantino. I I think once upon a time in Hollywood being a love letter to Hollywood and being voted on by people who live and work in Hollywood Quentin Tarantino despite right brilliant work with pulp fiction inglorious bastards reservoir dogs Django unchained has never won a Best Picture Oscar or a best director Oscar. Never it's never happened. What better time than now? When he saying Hollywood I love you? I think it's time Hollywood to say to Quentin Tarantino. I love you back back. So you've got it watch the show and afterwards we'll have a discussion.

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