Kansas woman convicted of beheading ex-boyfriend's mother with steak knives


A Kansas woman was convicted Thursday of beheading her ex boyfriend's mother and then leaving the severed head in a kitchen sink. Thank according to media reports. Rachel Hilliard of Wichita cut off the head of sixty three year old. Mickey Davis with two steak knives on April ninth. Two thousand thousand seventeen hilliard. Who is thirty? Eight attack Davis without provocation. According to Sedgwick County District Attorney. Mark Bennett and Davis went to Hilliard's words home with her nine year. Old Grandson to collect his things that Hilliard's insistence for her own reasons. Rachel Hilliard had had it with Mickey Bennett said Hilliard. Who was treated at a state psychiatric hospital before she was declared competent for trial said she was discussing a painting with Davis when she lost her temper? Prosecutors said Davis's grandson told police. That hilliard jumped on the elder woman. And beat her with. No warning. Bennett said Hilliard. Used a second knife life after the blade of the first one broke Davis was found in the garage and her severed head in the kitchen sink. According to prosecutors hilliard is expected to be sentenced inst- On march twenty seven

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