Burst Of Snow Expected For Early Thursday Morning Commute


Here's the latest on accu weather meteorologist dean devore working today are we looking at today another mild one nineteen is still temperatures above average will get up into the upper forties near the coast lower forties inland I could be a little bit of rain or drizzle on the south coast and Cape later today but the the difference between yesterday and today is the amount of cloudiness it'll be a much more prevalent today it's mainly cloudy that a thirty seven at nine so rather cloudy chillier tomorrow like forty two snow or sleet arrives tomorrow night and continues into early Thursday expect this slippery morning commute especially northwest one twenty eight it goes over to mostly but some rain and drizzle steadier rain Thursday night into Friday Fridays temperatures will get up into the well Friday morning will star in the forties went up in the thirties by Friday afternoon and we could have another little wintry mix system for the weekend it's a complicated forecast posting to do keep us locked on WBZ Boston's news radio will do thank you dean right now mostly cloudy thirty four degrees in Peabody thirty three and over thirty five in Avon and thirty seven in

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