Boris Johnson hid in a fridge to avoid a television interview as his aide swore at a reporter


Was once again accused of dodging scrutiny as the election campaign reached. Its climax yesterday when he's five hundred. Mile Dash round around Britain to drum up votes was overshadowed by claims. He had avoided a TV interview by retreating into a refrigerator. He's Press Secretary Roebuck Doc. Sleep was heard to mutter sake live on good morning. Britain as he shielded the retreating Johnson from a producer who had come to ambush him. The hosts gave running commentary as the prime minister. Said I'll be with you in the second and walked off before one exclaimed. He's gone into the fridge. Johnson walked inside a refrigerator stacked with milk bottles with his aides. Johnson has repeatedly been accused of avoiding difficult questions during the campaign most prominently by declining to be interviewed by the BBC. He's been caught out by fact checkers lying his way through through the campaign in contrast to the sincerity of his main opponent. Jeremy Corbyn the fridge incident occurred at the start of a grueling day. Hey for the prime minister as he travelled by Boston plane from Yorkshire to Darvish and then from Wales and onto Essex before addressing a rally in East London in the evening AIDS closely controlled the prime minister's appearances since chaotic day on Monday when Johnson pocketed journalists phone during during a TV interview rather than look at a picture of a four year. Old Boy Asleep on the floor at Elites Hospital later that day the Conservatives were accused of of fabricating a story about an assault on an advisor to the health secretary which they later conceded had not taken place meanwhile opposition and Labour leader. Jeremy Corbyn rallied supporters to get out to marginal seats and go flat out campaigning for the final day of action before voters go to the polls following encouraging projections which showed that he has narrowed. Boris Johnson's lead. Corbin began with an event in the morning in Scotland before heading heading to the Midland's and Bedford with last rally in London. In the evening voting is happening today across the UK polls close at at ten PM local time.

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