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Hostess, the Symbol of Sugary Snacks, Buys Sugarless Cookie Maker


Can the maker maker of twinkies succeed with sugar free cookies and natural ingredients hostess brands famous for twinkies Ho Hos and Ding dongs is buying workman's bakery a little known Canadian cookie. Okay Company for three hundred twenty million dollars. You may not know that company by name but you probably grew up with some of its sixty cookie. Brands perhaps vanilla wafers where it's famous Dutch windmill. Cookies in business world that celebrates startups both hostesses. Workman's are pretty long in the tooth. Hostess opened its doors in Nineteen nineteen. In with the invention of the hostess cupcake the smooth chocolate covered greenfield cake with a little white frosting squiggle on top but host is really came into its own when it launched the twinkie. Linke in one thousand nine hundred thirty. The twinkie has survived for the last ninety years with no signs of going away. We're not talking about a single twinkie. Here we're talking about the brand. Okay yes it has become the butt of numerous jokes and the target of an urban legend talking about. We'll how long they last on the shelves the saying is that perhaps twinkies are so chemically laden. They never go bad for the record. twinkies used to have an official shelf life of twenty odd days a few years ago hostess pumped up there preservatives and now twinkies can sit safely on your local seven eleven show for about forty five days or a month and a half. Portland's is a youngster. Compared to hostess there corporate history begins in nineteen fifty eighty one when to Dutch brothers. William and Harry Boardman began baking cookies and a Canadian kitchen in two thousand fifteen harry sold Boardman's to a private equity firm called squander pace. Capital Swansea pace kept workman's original cookie brands and it's icon Dutch girl logo. So what does a company like hostess known for everything. Everything's Workman's is not doing acquiring the more modest less artificial bakery it's expanding into so-called adjacent categories. That's what in this case the trying to move into the eight point. Five billion dollar cookie market while Volkmann's is the leading seller of sugar. Free cookies hostess has no cookies at all. But the twinkie maker for his flirted with cookies over the last few years albeit timidly in two thousand sixteen former CEO built. Taylor cautiously dipped hostess's toes into the Brownie market and he said there are are also questions around cookies. But we don't WANNA go too far. Afield Ho the audacity but the time is now right. There's greater and greater interest in so called healthy foods foods even when it comes to desserts. The Wall Street Journal notes that thirty eight percent of Americans said at Twenty Eighteen Pew Research Survey that they were limiting their sugar intake. Workman's is well opposition to take advantage of that desire. COUPLE OF YEARS AGO under its new ownership. Workman's began removing artificial ingredients and high fructose corn syrup from its offerings. I with regular brands and later with its line of sugar free treats the changes seemed to have worked for him in sales have been growing at the fast pace of five percent. A year that speedier than the rest of the cookie business and far faster than the market for packaged doughnuts and pastries as a result. The one point eight billion dollar hostess has overcome its earlier cookie adjacent jitters others and is hungrily. Eyeing growing treats category called better for you snacks. And that's where many of Whitman's brands live acquiring wortman should boca hostesses offerings and help. It compete with yet. Another Ulster in the plastic wrapped pastry business. McKee Foods one point. Five Billion Dollar Company founded in nineteen thirty thirty four. Mickey owns the Iconic Little Debbie snacks which are equally full of sugar and fat like cakes. But the privately owned company has had an advantage that hostess hostess didn't Mckee owns the Sun Belt brand better for you. Snacks many are made with whole grains and McKee claims. They have no preservatives. These sweet strategies go to show that when it comes to sugar. We're rather conflicted. Yes sugar free and healthier treats are growing as a category but so too are. What industry experts called blissful indulgences. DOLGIN is blamed that on stress eating growing phenomenon that marketers like hostess love which is why this acquisition of workmen's is putting a huge smile on the faces of hostess execs and the analysts that follow the company twinkies keep growing but hostess gets a whole lot better for you treats to add to its creamy fluffy arsenal all of indulgence snacks for hostess. That may be just the stuff it needs to stay at the top of this week. Goods mark

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