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To. We'll get to that to talk about magic leap so this is a company that all of us have paid in in the valley. Close attention to as they've you know. Raise a ton of money made a lot of bold claims about the their augmented reality. Technology or mixed reality rallied technology but you got a deep look into kind of how the business has actually gone since they finally put a real product out there. So I I mean heath what what did you learn basically when getting a sense of what the magically hardware businesses has been doing. Yes so I really. We sat out with this story to just check in with folks and see whereas magically because obviously we all remember when they first came on the scene years ago on on with Glossy magazine profiles saying they're going to disrupt you know the future of computing with these these goggles That they wouldn't show to the public but promised around. We're coming and then in August of twenty eight team. All of a sudden the headset is finally out in the world. There I headset and they threw a splashy developer conference in La they last year

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