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Let's talk about the various apple platforms and we're we're GONNA do these state of a platform shows. We're going to separate them out by several months. We're not gonNA just like dumped them all on you at once but you know we want to talk about the iphone Mac. The I pat probably online services is a separate one but we just want to kind of talk about where apple's been and where we're going and kind of Grade them a little bit. I guess on how they're doing on these various platforms and today's the first one of those. Yeah I'd I'd love this idea because it's nice to sort of check in and see where where things are and kind of as a moment in time and what's what's kind of wild and thinking about this because we've been talking about all these episodes sort of as a block given that we're going to split them up over time just really. How mature some many of apple's products and platforms really have become an even something? Newer newer of doing air quotes like the Apple. Watch or the IPAD. They've got several years under their belt. Now you know the Apple Watch has been around for five years. The IPAD is coming up on ten and his mind blowing so it feels like a really good season to start this off. Yeah agree and you know. And the reason we're starting with the iphone is because the iphone is largely the big it is the biggest product that apple makes. It is driving the bus. I spent a few minutes on Google. And the first. There's three quarters of two thousand nineteen. We don't have the twenty twenty results yet but I'm sorry the fourth quarter results yet but the first three quarters the iphone sold thirty one billion dollars by by phone. It is fifty three and a half percent of apple's business. So it's over half of Apple's business. Although that number's going down it used to be even a higher percentage which of Apple's business and actually that's a good thing I feel like for those years that it was the rocket ship and it was almost all of apple's business. They spent all all their attention on the IPHONE and Mac and some of these other devices suffered and now. That's not true so they've got to pay attention to everything. Yeah I I have been totally fine with balanced being restored to the four syllable bit here. Do you WanNa talk about Star Wars. The iphone today. Sorry sorry sermon. Stay on target. And you can't talk like that. I'm sorry I'm sorry dangled in front of you all right. We should do something like that. I don't know when but we should just I like that Anyway Apple still very much. The IPHONE company and That's the big product. So that's the first state of a showy wanted to I do I don't know about you but for me. The iphone really was a mind bender when it showed up. I remember I. Don't I've said this on the show before I don't remember the the guy's name but there was a guy. He had a black turtleneck and pair of glasses and he did a bunch of introductory videos of the iphone that got released a couple days before the original iphone got released. At least you remember those I do. Yeah I mean they were apple videos there on apple's website And because I was thinking oh I don't have six hundred dollars to spend on the phone and watch those videos and it sunk in me. I was completely hooked. I think I've told the story before but deering thing. I was a apple retail employees. At the time the original iphone came out and was announced and I was actually on vacation during that macworld. Keynote visiting family in rural North Carolina and Virginia. So the I of course. There's obviously before the iphone so I didn't know what was going on until I got back like my aunt's house and she had dial up and like I check my email and had email from a friend of mine at the store just basically like holy cow. Can you believe this and I remember like on. My guess would have been a powerbook at the time. Trying to load like the apple dot com slash iphone webpages which like full of graphics. I remember they were black. Lack look really cool and it totally blew my mind and this is used a newton for a long time and used a palm trae. Oh that was actually my current phone. Be Right before the iphone so I was sort of hipped the idea of of a smartphone or something that you carried with you. An ultra portable. We'll device but that first iphone seemed like it just like it came from the future and just had landed here in the president of a sudden. Yeah well I I mean me. I don't WanNA dwell on the past too much but at the time I had a a palm tree. Oh Yeah No. It wasn't that was the one they're back then but I had totally turned it into to a Mac. I had like downloaded apple icons and I had basically hacked the thing to death so it was like a MC- you know. The it looked like a AH Macintosh if you look at the screen you know it was great and so I was. You know I was interested but it was expensive than than I saw those videos and then I was sunk and and that was the start of a beautiful relationship. But you're not the beginning apple really. It changed the world in terms of phones. Nobody headphones and touchscreens. And nobody headphones with an actual working browser. I mean. I don't know if you remember. But the palm treo browser was It was terrible. I'm going to say a word. But they would get us. We'd lose our CLEANTECH. It was real bad it was it was it was I think. Jobs calls in a keynote like the baby internet. It was not good. I remember you go to a website and I see a couple of words like usually the links would show up but just as plain text and it was just like it was it was terrible but You know in fairness Internet was a lot slower in the radios or slower and all that but it was it was terrible and so apple comes out with this phone. I remember reading a little later about a meeting at blackberry. Act Berry where they had. The iphone brought it into a board meeting and somebody threw it on the table and said this isn't real there. They you know like they didn't even believe it was possible. Both which is why they lost but anyways so apple made this phone and they had this huge lead over the entire industry but that was is a long time ago and now Google is in there making great operating systems last week. I spent several days with Google phone knowing that we're making the show and just to see what was going on on that side of the fence. I don't I don't go over there too. Often they're very good phones in the operating system is not you know. The dumpster fire was years ago. So how is apple holding up and that's something we want to talk about today. Yeah it's amazing that in the period media time since then that it has become not only completely normal to have something like an iphone I keep current android phone Having something like that with you but just it. It is hard to overstate how much the world has changed because of these devices like I don't thank you can't overstate it. Because it has created entire industries it has equipped people to do things that weren't possible before it's it's really in the in the world. There's few things that hold that sort of power I think over culture yet. It's created industries and has destroyed them as well and in the You know and I feel like I'm an enabler on this technology but at the same time if you listen to the focus podcast. I'm really aware of the attention. Deficit problems assumes that can result from having the Internet in your pocket and yeah and actively trying to help people not get sucked into that black hole but I mean so it really right. The the iphone changed. Everything I mean. In a lot of ways it may be a more momentous events than the personal computer was. Was You know when we first started getting maximum. PC's and Atari back in the day. I mean I think this is certainly affected a bigger percentage of

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