2019 NFL playoff picture



This is our center of sports this morning here to tell us who's getting presents who's getting lumps of coal this morning John and now we've got what sixteen weeks of the NFL season almost in the books we have Monday Night Football are the only one left to be played so I guess we have an idea who's getting the call who might be getting some of the presents John yeah that's right Michael yeah the penultimate we could the NFL season and the thing is starting to come into focus a little bit here bald the Baltimore Ravens look like they're going to be they're gonna have an easy stretch to get to the Superbowl at this point they they everything has to go through charm city at this point after leading MVP candidate quarterback or or Jackson Jackson read read for for a a hundred hundred you you cards cards for for the the fifth fifth time time this this season season he he threw threw three three touchdown touchdown passes passes including including this this twelve twelve yarder yarder to to marking marking Herman Herman the the ravens ravens thirty thirty one one fifteen fifteen win win at at Cleveland Cleveland thirteen play of the drive coming up the steps to the left of Jackson wants to throw out of the gun active steps up we passed the room has with a touch now but on the flat they are dancing in the end zone in Cleveland Baltimore now an a FC best thirteen into on the season they've clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs the bottom of the A. F. C. playoff picture couldn't be settled following losses by Tennessee at Pittsburgh yesterday the Titans build a fourteen nothing first half lead before falling to eighty seven with a thirty eight twenty eight lost to New Orleans drew Brees threw for two hundred seventy nine yards and three touchdowns Ellen Qamar ran for two touchdowns to help the states moved to twelve and three they scored twenty four unanswered points to keep their chances alive at one of the NFC's top two seeds in a first round playoff by former Steeler lady on bell damaged his old team's playoff hopes by running for seventy two yards on twenty five carries in the jet sixteen ten victory against Pittsburgh and the raiders kept their ANSI playoff hopes alive as Derek Carr threw for two hundred ninety one yards and a touchdown in a twenty four seventeen win over the Chargers so you have the Titans dealers and raiders all still alive for the final wild card spot in the AFC heading into the final week of the season meanwhile the eagles have wrested control of the NFC east away from Dallas with a seventy nine win over the cowboys in Philadelphia cornerback Sidney Jones broke up a deck Prescott pass on fourth down towards the end of the game to secure a win for the eight seven eagles Carson Wentz thirty one for forty for three to nineteen yards and a touchdown mile Sanders rent for a score to help Philadelphia prevent Dallas from clinching the division title in Philadelphia head coach coach Doug Doug Peterson Peterson said said winning winning the the turnover turnover battle battle whiskey whiskey if if you you want want to to talk talk about about a a team team win win this this was was definitely definitely a a team team win win no no offense offense defense defense and and special special teams teams and and but but yeah the probably the the the the giveaway takeaway margin for us and helped us to stay in this game Philly clinches with a win over the giants next Sunday the cowboys take the division if they be Washington and the eagles lose to New York the Seahawks lost control of the NFC west with a twenty seven thirteen loss against the visiting cardinals Seattle have to beat the forty Niners next Sunday to win the division

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