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Canadian police arrest activists at Wet’suwet’en anti-pipeline camp, Haskell to partner with indigenous university in New Zealand , $100 million solar facility project approved for Pine Ridge


This is National Native News Antonio Gonzalez in British Columbia Canada arrests are being made at a demonstration site on wetsuit attend territory the CBC reports people are camped out near an access road in opposition of construction of a natural gas pipeline hereditary. Chiefs has said No. I know to the project and talks with the provincial. Government have reportedly broke down conflict over the project has lasted years. A court ordered people to stop preventing renting workers access to the area. Police announced Wednesday. They would enforce an injunction. Demonstrators are taking to social media saying they're prepared for police action. The coastal gasoline pipeline is a six billion dollar project which supporters say will create jobs and boost the economy in a first of its kind for a tribal college and International Exchange Program is in the works for Haskell Indian nations university and Emory University in New Zealand educators recently Matt Lawrence Kansas to work on an agreement Rondo. Baldo has more efforts to establish advanced degree programs and more research opportunities Haskell in Lawrence Kansas met with chief executive officer of the Mari Indigenous University in New Zealand the CEO Doherty met with administration nation and students to discuss the possibilities US starting in exchange program and what they could learn from each other connections here in the US with the different town nations. That have a history very very similar to Alice. Talk about the issues that would challenging but more importantly look at the things is that we want to do in around the expirations off. We want to be in the in by US working together. Collaborating together That place where we want to A. B.. Is it much more cheerful. If doing together Alan Parker a Chippewa cree from Montana and faculty at them. Our University talked about the impact of taking students students. Down to be the first cohort twenty nineteen the I two of that group received their PhD. So it's a it's just to powerful experience in the potential is just wonderful. Haskell interim President Daniel Wildcat says a memorandum of understanding running is being written that he hopes to be signed within a couple of months. Haskell currently does not offer any graduate degree programs this is Rhonda Nevada for for National Native News Approval has been given for a solar project on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota as Roz Brown reports. The Pine Ridge Indian reservation in southwestern South Dakota will be the site of a one hundred million dollar solar electricity generation project. The State's public utilities commission approved the lookout solar the park this week for property about eighty miles from rapid city to build the state's first large-scale solar facility. A German company will lease the land from the rap family. Lynn Lynn rap is a member of the Oglala Sioux tribe who has represented the family and hopes the historic project will be an example for other reservations and then we know that when a dollar is spent it turns over seven times in communities words used and our reservations talents are desperate for cash. The lease agreement is the first first of its kind for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The company involved to build the solar project has agreed to follow thirty-seven conditions during construction related to restoration threatened an endangered species cultural resources reporting and other requirements the Pine Ridge project capable of generating up to one hundred ten megawatts of electricity will how five hundred thousand solar panels in arrays across two hundred fifty acres. Wrap says there's more than eight hundred acres at the site and eventually she'd also like to see a wind farm built out there. The solar facility is expected to be complete by the second quarter of twenty twenty one. I'm Roz Brown and demand. Tonio Gonzales.

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Canadian police arrest activists at Wet’suwet’en anti-pipeline camp, Haskell to partner with indigenous university in New Zealand , $100 million solar facility project approved for Pine Ridge

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