Anthony Scaramucci on The Deal Of The Century


Hi It's Johnny of justice out of the Four Seasons Hotel Ten Trinity Square Very Upmarket Hotel in private cloud wet tonight. Members were treated to a talk in a very intimate setting given by former White House. Communications director in the trump administration. Anthony Anthony SCARAMUCCI. Now he wasn't in the job for very long was he. He said something in confidence to what he thought was a friend. And that friend doped it in and all trump sacked him. Kim says he regretted working for trump. But I'm not so sure. He's made the very best out of it and he's become pretty well known all over the world but now I feel he SCARAMUCCI Mucci two point not after the public humiliation of his dismissal. In the world wide media glare it affected every part of his life including his marriage trump capitalized on that on twitter. But he's since reconciled with his other half now he's going out to campaign for Mike Bloomberg mini Mike as he calls him and we've heard that he's being true to his political instincts as a democrat. He wants to underpin the principles and institutions of the American constitution which she says are paper thin enough to his talk. I got a chance to talk to him. One on one about the deal of the century a bid for new settlement in Israel title with the Palestinians the issue with the Palestinians he says. Is that oftens in this discourse. They don't have adequate political advocacy Kazeem. People don't care about them because they not an economic engine. Israel is an economic engine so if the PA's failed leadership doesn't come to the table able and Israel pushes for the annexation as he calls it of all territories which they regard as that which they feel they need against the people who called a won't negotiate he says is a route to hopelessness and self destruction in SCARAMUCCI is book. They need to come to the table. Take the fifty billion dollars in stock the negotiation man. He drew powered else with the American founding. Fathers Protecting the tyranny of the individual the most sacred minority in the system against the Overriding majority well. That's not a fulsome parallel. But I understand his point. SCARAMUCCI is a Roman Catholic not Jewish. But he's a self declared Zionist. He's even happy to call it Judea and Samaria not the West Bank. Have a listen to Anthony SCARAMUCCI. Thank you very much ronsard. That's a Jewish. I am Jewish as honest like Y. Ou explain why but here. It's it doesn't matter whether you and I this if you WANNA protect Israel and you want to provide for peace and security for Israel. They need an advocate at the table Palestinian. It's almost like a prime minister. Should say okay okay. You're the designated advocate for the Palestinians. Not handling it themselves. You have to go in there and try to convince these people to do things certain SORTA way they can get the rights of the need and the sovereignty. They need the self-fulfilment it. They just keep on the Palestinians on being used internationally as vehicle sandwiches such a credit but they don't have a willing leadership then not in the business. Yeah no exactly so. This deal is about a divorce. Peace Not War. Do you agree with her. Yeah but but I I think that we have to be more than think water with the bigger for it to be more transformation. Of course they're being used. You gotTA understand. The Israelis have an advocate the United States they have members of the West that are provided vitamin advocacy. If you don't create balance or some level of symmetry remember von Metternich. Said about peace in peace when you need balance in peace you need. A structured forces were allies of committed to suppressing the Internet. And if you're that on balance you're going to create a period of hopelessness that will be. They have hopelessness already. Understand that you started a next Xingdong territories. Okay Listen We gave slack mckim from. I don't call it the West Bank. I call it today in Somalia area. I'm from that camp understand that but I'm telling you you want to figure out a way to cohabitate with wanted the Jarrett's the plan is close. Actually John's plan but it needs to be slightly better for them. And then you can have the peace with the security right now. Israel's through the very strong stable nation very secure wi jeopardizes security by that and I. I've been destroyed. I've seen the MINORA that's made out of a case of Hamas Ian's but I'm telling you you've gotta come up with something. There equalised slightly equalize awesome.

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