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Following, word of. A possible coordinated global attack on ATM's to message to banks that it's time to, seriously test ATM's before the criminals do Charles Henderson is. With IBM's in-house hacking team x force read they've managed, aggregate, a large amount of cardholder data. You know the county that think you're ATM's MAG stripe and then your pin combination he, says keep an eye on your accounts a key indicator that something may. Be wrong. Is a sudden increase in, your withdrawal limit if for some reason that daily withdrawal limit changes over time that's cause for concern talk, to your Bank figure out if they changed in on an automatic basis or. If somebody else's changing it on. Your account according to, the FBI previous attacks targeted smaller financial institutions that likely, had, weaker, security and we're more vulnerable with Tech Trends I'm, Michelle, Franzen, ABC, news They're learning, writing I before e except and learning. New words thanks to mommy Stuck in. Traffic you forgot Traffic on. KOA NewsRadio Hey Everybody good. Afternoon welcome to the. Show it's the. Lewis Logan show Rick. Lewis Kathy, Lee Dave. Will..

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