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Win the game i mean they're couldn't have been a bigger moment in his career then the fourth quarter that steelers game last week and he lay two touchdown drives when the steelers answered a r to answer to steeler drives themselves so you know he made some key throws dares oppression ever got tomb uh i don't think he's gonna if he doesn't play well tomorrow it's not going to be because the moments too big where the pressure got to him it's just gonna be the patriots defense gotten his face rattled them but it won't be because of the pressure until wrote the exnhl pressure real quick mike do you think he's playing for next year starting job do you think that it's good that says these two games this game and hopefully the super bowl for them is going to determine his fate you know i think he's i think he's gonna know could come back this was the best year of his career he cut his turnovers down only thirteen interceptions and you know what he didn't throw the ball very well against boston but he made enough plays with his legs to put them in position and he made a key touchdown throw the only touch so that game and what i just talked about in the fourth quarter um i just think he's never gonna be a pretty quarterback it's just not he's not going to be a 23yearold thirty guy um you know but with a one game and if they can put some other pieces together on offense get alan robinson back bad some weapons at tied end um you know that offense can be significantly better so i think he's done enough to come back now i'm not saying they will bring it some competition but as of right now i see in certainly being here when they open training camp next year mike great stuff man we're thank you thanks for having me i spike lee had a mike to rocco their nfl nation jaguars reporter for espn before him been boll and boston globe joining us both of them via the shell pennzoil performance line we'll get into this again we'll we'll make our picks on these two games coming up here in about thirty five minutes we gave our top story lines of the afc championship game coming up where he leave our top story lines of.

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