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Maybe we spend inefficiently but we should be taking better care vessels throughout our lives so what are the ways to encourage and incentivize people to ensure proper healthcare throughout their lives at it in other words some things like you've regular checkups search of you can check for pre diabetes because if you catch prediabetes soon enough and you lose weight show your literally saving yourself hundreds of thousands thous vince insulin injections over your tire life so they give it as joe is an investment in your health care that is going to save you from catastrophic costs later we don't do enough of that what we wind up doing is we spent too much money on aftercare later on problems that could have been prevented right heart disease diabetes things where if we just what a lost weight and got on a treadmill we would have been fun so what are the ways to incentivize at his life long tax readjusts age you could set him up for your kids when they're born is obviously they can't do that themselves are not going to be financially secure enough until they're eighteen or twenty one gush with the nanny state society now fifty one whatever ono but it would be nice to be able to set up an account for my daughter where all of the money i put in there all of it is completely taken off my tax bills of i wanna put say ten fifteen thousand dollars and you know you could put a reasonable cap audit you don't want people hiding ghetto it because you know what will happen some investment vehicle due at forty trillion the there i'm not gonna spend that much view but a reasonable cap on it but that money is either taxed the duct bush a tax credit for the parent and that money can be spent tax free as well it's never tax now again i know the liberals go crazy 'cause they think the government should get their mitch on every dollar you money.

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