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Of a kind of blossoming and you know the punk bands alternative bands. The art world was exploding. There was all these like pop up galleries and feed artists and performance. Art was all over and it was just such a vibrant place to be and such a community was all happening in that area below fourteenth street. Jonah so what what did you. I kind of kind of get him like how. How many brothers and sisters do you have. I have three brothers. Isn't one of them an actor. I know one of them. Yeah my brother. Michael is an actor. And he's been in a few of my films and dr made and Yeah he's he's been he's been working all along. I feel like he's been around the comedy scene a little. I kind of feel like he was around. Or i kind of new him somehow. Well i mean. I actually used to do standup so i don't know but i know but you wouldn't have known me from stand-up where'd you do it. I i don't know how this happened. But i actually passed the auditions at the improv. In on forty fourth. Yeah i mainly just hung out there and just sat in the back. And i would watch people like jerry seinfeld gilbert godfrey and was amazing time to be there what year you know this is like seventy eight seventy nine If i got on it wasn't like until like really really late late at night or sometimes they'd let me open like at nine o'clock when that was was bud still there just silver so i think that was already in. La yeah for sure. Yeah yeah so you had a bit. You had an act. I had a cobbled together. Act that i just sort of you know. I was influenced by so many different comics and i wasn't sure what my style.

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