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Out of the. Young, you were actually singing it mighty hunter Tony Sending. And it, but it was going interesting like like now. Like I'd actually. Sort Church been emphasizing. It's good to memorize scripture sometimes site auction memorize the couple and one of them was is psalm twenty four associate who may ascend the hill? Lord and and I've I've heard that my whole life and. Sermons whatever, but you're back in the mountains like that I just I just just connected with me like this is God's domain. Sending it or Another one eight hour meeting Sultan for again, but it sits says the earth is the Lord's and everything in it, and there's definitely the sense of. In that particular trip I've never been so. Overwhelmed by just the majesty of Creation. And the Awesomeness of it and you feel so small. And kind of kind of realizing it's the reflection of God that you can't really like. This is my own opinion. You can't can't find him to build it. Like literally means the whole Earth, the Earth Sanctuary. You know so. When! That's these amazing on that front one for me to like that's that's the part of the reason why I really do get out once a year. Just to UNPLUG and reconnect. Where there isn't the hustle bustle of the emails in the phones own off and everything else. That gets in the way from that connection. And being able to just go in there and like some mornings. You don't even go on. You know you get and. Our breakfast and you're like you just sit in use. Oh, it's like you can't even imagine the panoramic picture. I tried to take a couple of generalities with by phone, but it never does justice honestly label there. My son's might son-in-law's Vail know that from a hunting is not really so much about the like like. It's nice to get to that point we need. Anything that trip and In but for me I was like that's fine. It was a complete I just love the. Is Anyway anywhere better way to center yourself is land spirit, and just walk into pop, forced or climbing hill, or or whatever it so slow centering, so why kids know that gone hunting trips I literally I automatically turned into mystic I disturbed steadier quieter you on start spilling. My eyes are open to really see you're busy, business, hustle and bustle. You're not anymore. You kind of come awake yet spiritually coming. But I love it I love it sauce so. Two questions. What's what's the one thing that you took away from the AAA one thing that you learned? And the second one is what was the highlight. So, what did you? What was the one thing that you learn like being out in the Wilderness? Maybe or something? And what was the highlight of the trip? Honestly like I, Know Pastor, many people in your automatically spiritualize things, but for me. That was probably more than any other trip. component to and I think it was partly because. I kind of had some I had some scripture in me. Kind of pulled up. And there was a there was a moment we were quite up. To like a sixty kilometer quad And you were in front of me and I was in the back, and I was just kind of running off a few different songs that had in my mind, but I had this moment ride as I think you've stopped turnaround, you're like what are you doing back there? And I said I'm just like. Point scripture number, but I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of God seen in creation. And The Majesty got seen a condition that I can hardly hold it together, and that was a new experience for me, but I came back from that saying. Is it as a pastor, and as a as a as a spiritual leader. GotTa make that connection like there's so much more dumps Scott and have. A great time if you ever relationship with God, bring into it because you're gonNA, find yourself with margie to be sitting with a spotting scope for hours like like. There's an opportunity here docked. Really Refresh Yourself. We already get refreshed non violent, but to spiritually revitalize at same time, so that would be the one thing I think that I, appreciated the most. I think out of that trip. Was the other question the highlight yeah? It might be my mind. Okay, I. Mean Funny Picture, but in my mind you and I are sitting around the fire at night and you have this red. Beard Bushy. You're literally look like a habit. And there is a moment where I think you might have even thrown out a line from the and Lord of the Rings. It's like wow. EPIC moment. You can help. It Feel I. Love this about these moments as you feel like you're stepping into a bigger story. And I'll never forget that. Hang around the fires cold night. So below minus ten. stars are it's. It's getting dark. It's only five o'clock six five. Whatever that was pretty. That was pretty cool. That tells you where I go. I just love those moments that are created on trips like that I think one of the quirky moments for me. was. You you. You slept with your plugs it. was like. Why are you sleep? With? Ear plugs it and he's like. Oh, it's so. I can't hear what's creeping up to the. Cool, so I won't with ear earplugs in. And I'll have my rifle nice. In right here is said that, of course the actor. Yeah, so I love how you you just like. Yeah, you got my wife. because she knows if we ever go back backcountry backpack and she knows I will have your plugs in I, don't WanNa hear. And, she's meanwhile. Ignorance is bliss right Oh. Really those when she bangs, I remember the south one time in. Montana in the mountains she she wakes me up in the middle of the night and she's like there's something else I not like. Why did you tell me about? I didn't WanNa know that I just wanted to sleep through. It ended up being amount. Go by the way next. It wasn't the IRS Is, always. Nice to hear that clip klopp of hooves, because we need the clip clock of WHO's you know? It's not had feet I didn't hear the click pop improves. I just started this kind of viewing sound in my mind I was like sets out grizzly and ups. We are host. Like what do you even it? Wasn't one hundred rifle or anything. But. And I mean it was nice to finish off the trip in the hot springs Oh. Let's let's not lying. On the ground. Just knowing when? And drove up to the hot springs. And it was that was just. That was the cherry on top for sure. Oh! Now I want to go to. Okay, so? Let's see okay? Let's get to this book here so. Here we've got I'm brandon. Charge best you body up Roddy even have my book. Learn like actually reading it so dark church. Let's talk about that. Kind of marketing to the which yards well I published a book just here back in January, and the target is definitely I first and foremost small towns. Okay so I I kind of realized there was a bit of a niche in in I guess you could say Church, growth, market, or whatever where small town has overlooked. I. Actually tends to be a bit of A. Culture goes. We gravitate to your centers, not too small town rural settings. So I wanted to write a book. It was directed at A. Small town, but specifically to the church.

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