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I'm always optimistic but we've got processes and procedures in place to make sure that we can execute either through the most challenging times the F. eighteen super Hornet went down yesterday during a routine training mission about sixty miles from the naval air weapons station at China lake the son of terrorist leader Osama bin laden is reportedly dad US officials say they have intelligence that Hamzah bin laden is dad and be sis Kourtney QB says few details have been made available it's unclear what the U. S. government's role was in his death which happened sometime during the trump administration U. S. officials not saying where when or how he died on the bin laden was thought to be the successor to lead al Qaeda after Osama bin laden was killed in a two thousand eleven U. S. navy seal rate in Pakistan earlier this year the state department announced a one million dollar reward for information about Hamzah bin laden's location Democrats who are hoping to make it to the next debate in Houston it's September now know what they have to do to make the cut to make it on stage September twelfth and possibly thirteen candidates will have to receive two percent or more support in at least four national polls they would have to receive donations from at least one hundred thirty thousand unique donors and at least four hundred unique donors and at least twenty different states together those rules will eliminate a lot of current democratic candidates right now just seven candidates are pulling a two percent or higher Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders Kamal Harris good a judge Andrew Yang and Beto o'rourke might by our NBC news radio now we'll get you caught up on this hour's top national stories on news ninety three point one K. F. C. K..

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