Donald Trump, Russia, ABC discussed on Washington Today


The trump administration let's not forget that this happened under the obama administration usga what's he thought about it of we'd spent a lot of time working on cybersecurity focusing on protecting at the fairness on our elections and as i just said the department homeland security met with state and local officials just over the last several weeks along with election vendors to make sure that our election system is secure last may they met with a state and private officials on how best to secure the sis election system from foreign interference were not the only targets of foreign interference and we're working with our allies on a daily basis to make sure that we're following best practices this has been a topic of conversation with multiple foreign heads of state uh president trump and the administration have made it clear that interference in our elections will have consequences and we're going to continue to impose consequences in response to russian cyberattacks just last week we called out russia by name it was one of the first times that you've seen something like that take place we're going to continue doing things like that from abc's jonathan karl into the white house press secretary earlier today the president tweeting the following i have been much tougher on russia than obama just look at the facts total fake news exclamation mark meanwhile special counsel robert muller is charging a man who communicated with warmer trump campaign adviser richard gates with making false statements to the fbi attorney alex that is one is charged with making materially false fictitious in fraudulent statements and representations to the special counsel's office and two fbi agents he allegedly lied about his communications with gates and then he deleted those emails requested by the special counsel's office according to the indictment we'll talk to politicos kyle cheney about what this development means but first more on that story from today's white house briefing and the press secretary sarah sanders failure seles sarah in the aftermath of the indictment which was headed down by special counsel vault mowers office on friday the president tweeted quite a bit tweeted quite a bit over the.

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