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And things of that nature for those frontline health care workers and we also want to thank look its best control for the first twenty five hundred dollars donated to a line and they will match that thank you much your exam I will say all these things and make it so easy for you to donate and if you can it's just a little bit you know when it will go a long way south thank you everybody because a lot of people have already donated you just got a my tak main page to click on how to donate first responders now we're going to talk with someone fantastic well we're going to talk about Val Kilmer and even looking at his new memoir I hate the cover well I sent a picture of him well it is in the juices Val Kilmer I'm your huckleberry a picture of him a memoir it's just not real good nope it's not real good as memoirs go I think his publisher could have done better but there's so much stuff in his my gosh isn't zero say he is reminiscing about his amazing love life exactly what we want to see happen in this when somebody does they are barking and Chris kind kindly or colonel I forget a sis name from GMA does lattice light stuff he's like there Natalie moralis he is there Natalie he is good and we're not going to play really anything except for just one little bit from Val Kilmer because he talks does he have a voice but he he uses one of those yep I've got with what it's called yeah but he has to put cameras yes yes yes to hold a little device we could speak you can't really they can't really understand on the Jimmy had Chiron under needs that's what he was saying but his spirit seem to be really good and I guess he's in his diagnosis as far as his cancer cancer is good he started smoking when he was eight and not any did it and it would distract me because in his like ants basement with pommels I remember that's who I started with yeah and his great my grandmother my mother my one gram of smoke we spelled out his arms basement well here we go here's a little bit from G. me from Top Gun to Batman forever and from doc Holliday in tombstone.

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