Gomez, Mr. He, President Trump discussed on Legion of Skanks Podcast


Chats uh-huh got moxie going ahead and say whatever she wants on is that the president is mr. He's come back for the popeye. Proceed sex talk about wants to go to film school but as west go up watching the show you idiot pricey. She's probably laundry so she's listening. I'd say get her that yeah. Department get an apartment complex somewhere in the middle of new jersey which is a great life to live. She's looking f._i._t. For film hold on a telephone snake connect rotary fashion institute yeah if you're you're passing. I really mean this because i dated. We're gonna remember but if your identity if you're checking like you're passionate about fashion. Yeah you fucking suck. I don't go for them not just so go for it. Film film program if i._t. Fashioned i didn't know that aren't going to film school yeah that that would make more sense on local though like local which like are like he's like a local for sure orlando or something local or l._a. Would be ideal for me those closer to places. I would literally franco. Doesn't you want to like you know be with her friends or something. I don't know we'll see where that is. Probably at some point that'll be part of one decisions. Landlord basically joined the coast wanted talk a little sex delaware. He's on friday and then they pay me. The rent the mo- david thank you got so much for hanging out with <hes> so much fun and we'll get you guys next week from the stand live at the stand next week the ninth with bob kelly and rich voss on leisure skanks catch next week piece. You've been listening to the legion of skanks podcast with j. O. kherson release up on doc of a shepherd of shit hits. Newest gomez was j gomez a break your fucking jaw. I want to punch you in your fucking nose male punch a magic in his fucking head and comedian dana smith fuck you i got. I feel like if i wanted to be gay fucking. Stick your fist up grass. You blew the legion of skanks podcast yoed ding-dong. We're done here time to go.

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